Saturday, January 3, 2015

How to Pick the Right Maxi Dress for Your Body Type

The Maxi dress is a leading trend for Spring and Summer 2015 and made its way to New York Fashion Week runways in an array of floral patterns, bold prints, and block-color styles. It's a romantic and very-feminine look that's perfect for the warmer months ahead, and can be paired with espadrilles, wedge sandals, or simple ballet flats. The flowy, tunic cut of the dress is suitable for most women, but knowing which length and waist type to select is the only way to wear this trend with success. If you're anxious to try the Maxi dress this season, here's how to pick the right dress for your body type:

Enjoy the floral prints of the season in a micro print or paisley style to flatter your figure. Big flowers or any type of 'busy print' can work against your small frame, so you need to pick either a solid color or teeny-tiny prints to make this look work for you. Avoid full-length dresses and balance out your figure with a super-short or above-the-knee style. The best cuts for you include a V-neck to draw attention upward and create an elongated torso, halter styles to show off toned and tan shoulders, and dresses with a ruched bustline to flatter your upper body.

Short and curvy women can enjoy the Maxi dress in a knee length style, and pair them with wedge sandals or peep-toe pumps to create length in the legs. Pick solid colors and micro prints for the most flattering look; bright red, pink, and orange are great picks for the season and can work well for you as long as you have the right cut. Avoid skinny straps and any detailing on your dress; bold and solid styles will balance out your look best.

Tall and skinny women need to look for Maxi dresses that are slightly fitted so they don't drown in this frock style. Look for ruched bustlines, halter necklines, and v-necks to draw attention upwards and complement your tall and thin figure. The key to wearing this flowing style gracefully is to wear the right size and accessorize it with only a few key pieces of jewelry or an oversized bag. You can get away with spaghetti straps, a tighter halter-top style, and even a bandeau top with ease.

Since the Maxi dress is made in a looser style and often with extra material, you'll need a cut that's fitted around the bust and accentuates your best features. Choose a halter-style to show off sculpted shoulders and arms so that you draw attention upward. Any fitted fabrics around the chest and upper waist are also great picks for larger sizes since they can create a slight silhouette for a more pulled together look. For length, pick something that you simply feel comfortable in; maxi dresses in knee length or above-the-knee styles are especially flattering for plus sized women; be sure to accessorize with a medium to large-sized tote for the complete ensemble.

Finding the right maxi dress to complement your figure and not hide in it can be challenging. This traditional frock style dress comes in many shapes, sizes, and fabric styles, and if you're of medium height and build, you'll need to search for something that accentuates your best features. If you want to emphasize your legs, go for an above-the-knee style and choose some dressy shoes. If you want to emphasize your bustline or shoulders, you can choose a halter or bandeau top style in a bold color. Since the Maxi dress is not fitted from head to toe, pick a dress that is tighter around your best attributes. 

The Maxi dress is a fresh trend for spring that's here to stay through Fall; it's a look that can be pulled off easily by most body types, but knowing which straps, waistlines, and materials to choose will ensure you pick the most figure-flattering style! Thanks for the ideeas to Sabah Karimi.
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T he Maxi dress is a leading trend for Spring and Summer 2015 and made its way to New York Fashion Week runways in an array of floral ...

Friday, January 2, 2015

Inexpensive Christmas Party Dresses

It's that time of year again when we all need a pretty dress to wear to a Christmas party or two or three. Personally, I don't like spending a lot on special occasion dresses because once the occasion is over, the dress will hang in my closet for a long time, if not forever, or at least until I donate it to a charitable organization. It took me a while, but I finally figured out that the smartest thing I could do when looking for a Christmas party dress was to spend a very modest amount of money and also to buy something that I might actually wear to another function or occasion. 
Classic dresses are always a safe bet. They can be worn more than once even when you are with the same group of people. You can just jazz the dress up with new jewelry, a belt or a scarf. 
I like shopping on line and in stores. There is definitely more to choose from on line but there is still something to be said for going into a store, trying on a few dresses and looking in the mirror to see if you like the way you look in them. The following are a few of my favorite dresses that I've seen this season. They are all reasonably priced and very stylish. 
The first dress is from I found the dress on their website. You can also get their catalog delivered to you in the mail. The dress is a "One Shoulder Shirred Dress". The dress is off the shoulder on one side and is black. It is form fitting and really accentuates your curves. The fabric is a Rayon/spandex jersey knit so it is soft and comfortable. The dress is machine washable which is definitely a plus. The price of this dress on line is $39.00. 
Another great looking dress is one that I found on line at website. You can find JC Penny's merchandise in their stores as well. This dress is called "Bisou, Bisou". It is an off the shoulder dress on one side and has a sleeve on the other side. The color of the dress is black and the fabric is polyester/spandex. This dress is machine washable and is priced at $49.00. 
Another dress that I love on the website is an "Embellished Jersey Knit dress. This dress has an off the shoulder collar with a scoop neckline and has a dazzling gemstone on the front center part of the collar. The dress accentuates your feminine shape and falls at or a little above the knee depending on how tall you are. The fabric is rayon/spandex. You can get the dress in black or scarlet. The price of this dress is $49. 
I found a really great dress on the www.Victoria' website. It is a "cotton ribbed sleeveless turtleneck sweater dress". This dress if form fitting and very flattering. You could definitely wear this at an afternoon Christmas party or an evening cocktail party. The fabric is imported cotton and nylon. It comes in four colors, heather gray, sangria red, winter white and black. It looks fabulous with a pair of strappy heals. The sale price of this dress is $35.  
The last dress is one that I adore. It's call the "Worthington Short Sleeve two-fer dress' and I found it on the website. The black party dress offers the best of both worlds. The top portion of the dress looks like a white blouse with short capped sleeves and the bottom part looks like a black flared skirt. You could wear it to an afternoon holiday party at the office or just glam it up by adding a beautiful necklace and some dangle earrings. A nice pair of pumps and your set to go. The dress is all one piece and very classic looking. The sale price for this dress if $24.99, also said Cindy E. Thomas.
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I t's that time of year again when we all need a pretty dress to wear to a   Christmas party   or two or three. Personally, I don...