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Quality Hair Extensions, All You Need To Know About Natural Hair Extensions

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 All There is to Know About Natural Hair Extensions

             Natural hair extensions and hair extensions are becoming one of the biggest fashions trends among celebrities, such as Jessica Simpson, as well as among average people. In fact, chances are that some of your friends may even have hair extensions and you do not even know it.
Whether you are interested in getting hair extensions for yourself or if you are just interested in learning more about this fashion statement and why it has become so popular, you have come to the right place. Here, we will take a much closer look at hair extensions- including how to choose the type that is the most suitable for you, as well as how much they cost.
Types of Hair Extensions
There are several different types of hair extensions for you to choose from. For starters, you can have your hair extensions done in a salon or you can buy hair extensions that you can clip into your hair on your own. Also, you are able to choose from synthetic hair extensions or one hundred percent natural hair extensions. Most people tend to prefer natural hair extensions due to the simple fact that they appear and feel much more realistic, since they are one hundred percent natural hair.

How to Choose Hair Extensions
Generally, most people decide that they would rather make sure that their hair extensions look as close to their natural hair as possible. What this means is that you should try to find hair extensions which will match up as closely as possible to your natural hair color. Hair extensions can are offered in a wide variety of colors. You can even find hair extensions which will match up closely with the highlights that you have in your hair.
Whether your hair is naturally curly, wavy or straight, there are hair extensions which will work for you. However, when you decide to choose hair extensions, you should be sure to choose ones which will match however you regularly wear your hair. For example, if your hair is naturally curly and you wear it straight all the time, you should probably consider choosing straighter hair extensions. Always remember that you can style your hair extensions. However, it is much easier to curl hair extensions than to straighten them, because the constant pulling can cause the hair to fall out.

How Long Hair Extensions Last
The amount of time that your hair extensions will last all depends on you. For starters, one of the main factors that will determine how long that your hair extensions will last is how well you take care of them. You should be sure to follow any instructions which you are given about the care of your hair extensions. Another huge factor that will determine how long that your hair extensions will last is how often that you choose to wear them. For example, a person who wears their hair extensions every single day for eight hours will find that their hair extensions will not last as long as a person who only wears theirs once a week for four hours. However, in general, the average person will find that their hair extensions will last between five and seven months.

The Cost of Hair Extensions
How much your hair extensions will cost depends on a variety of different factors. For starters, hair extensions which are done in a salon typically tend to cost a lot more than the ones that you would clip into your own hair, since you are paying for the services that you receive. Another one of the main factors which will determine how much your hair extensions are going to cost is the brand which you choose. Last, but certainly not least, the type of hair extensions that you decide to choose will determine the amount that you will pay. Hair extensions which are made from one hundred percent natural hair tend to cost a whole lot more than synthetic hair extensions.
As you can see, there are a number of different things which you should know about hair extensions. If you are interested in learning more or to get hair extensions for yourself, you should be sure to check out your local beauty salon or your local beauty store.

A Look at Different Types of Hair Extensions

Society has long thought of long hair as being beautiful. One way to achieve this quickly is to get extensions. There are various types of hair extensions you can use. This article will discuss some of these different types.
One of the first types of hair extensions is the clip-in variety. They're very easy to put in and take out at night. Also, they cause the least amount of damage to your real hair. You can easily put them in yourself too, so you won't need to visit a salon. These hair extensions can consist of one solid piece or multiple smaller pieces.
One of the next types of hair extensions is the bonded type. These extensions are plaited into your real hair and then coated with a bonding solution. They have the advantage of lasting for months before the bonding solution starts to break down.
You likely won't be able to install these types of hair extensions yourself. Therefore, you will need to pay the expense of a salon visit. These extensions can cause damage to your hair if you're not carefully. However, if you care for them properly, they can be reused when taken out.
Heat Fuse
There are also hair extensions that are fused onto your hair. The stylist does this using a flat-tipped heating tool. This process can be very harmful to your natural hair. The extensions can also be hard to remove too.
Hair extensions can be made from human or synthetic hair. Obviously, human hair looks more realistic since it offers more movement. Synthetic hair is less expensive though.

These are some of the different types of hair extensions. The clip-in variety are very easy to put in and remove and cause the least amount of damage to your real hair. Extensions that are bonded with a solution or fused onto your hair can cause damage, but will last longer.

Maintaining Light Brown Hair Extensions

             Depending on the color of your light brown hair, you may feel that your hair has lost some of it's pizzazz. Many times, women with light brown hair notice that their hair is more of a brown ash instead of a glossy brown, and while there is nothing wrong with that type of color, if you've been coveting healthy, shiny hair that will blend better with your hair extensions, here are some ways to reach that goal.

Oil mask - A great way to restore moisture to your light brown hair and ensure that your extensions will blend with your natural hair is to apply olive oil or avocado oil to your hair at least once a week. Although this may seem like it would make your hair feel disgusting, exactly the opposite is true. When you apply oil directly to your hair, it really helps to repair damage, and restore shine. Apply the oil to dry hair, and allow it to sit on there for about thirty minutes to an hour. Then wash out the oil thoroughly, condition, and style. You will be amazed at how quickly this type of oil treatment will begin to repair and restore your hair.

Heat protector - One of the most underrated items that should be a part of every woman's daily beauty regimen is a heat protector? A heat protector is important for your real hair and for your extensions because heat styling tools can cause major damage to hair if they are not used correctly, and because most women heat style their hair on a daily basis, a heat protector spray is extremely important. Because you don't want something that is going to weigh your hair down and make it stiff and gross, try to find a heat protector that is lightweight enough that you will not even be able to tell that it's on your hair, except for the fact that your hair and human hair extensions are being protected from the extreme heat.

Don't over wash - How often do you wash your hair? If you wash your hair on a daily basis, you are actually stripping some of the natural moisture from your hair. However, if you're like most people, your roots start to get oily really quickly, so washing your hair daily is imperative. If you can, try to extend the time between washes. Instead of wearing your hair down, try a low messy bun with a side braid in the front. This will keep more moisture in your hair, and it will save you time. It may also be a good idea to invest in a dry shampoo in order to extend the time between washes.

All natural - Do you always dry your hair with a hair dryer? A great experiment you can do in order to improve the health of your hair is to allow your hair to air dry for a month. If you don't have time to let it air dry, consider diffusing it. Once the month is over, straighten your hair, and you will see a definite improvement in the overall health of your hair.
Although you can sleep in your hair extensions, do your best to take them out every night because you will not run the risk of snagging them on something while you sleep. Instead of just putting your extensions all over your house, do your best to keep them in the same place. If possible, try to store them in their original packaging, as this will also help to preserve them.

Before & After Hair Extensions
Before & After Hair Extensions

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Where and How to Find Natural Hair Extensions

            When it comes to human hair extensions, it really is important that they are used properly to get just the right look. The best part is that you can change the way you look for a very cheap and affordable price.
One of the very popular hair extensions that is used by many celebrities is the 16" Elite Remy Human Hair by easixtend hair extensions. You can purchase this brand of human hair extension at any virtual shop. This particular hair extension responds well to heat, and is great for the beginner who has never put in a hair extension before. This particular extension is a clip in than is 100% Chinese human hair. If the color is matched up correctly, it will blend in very nicely with your own natural hair. They have a variety of colors to match any type of hair color. This type of human hair extension can also be purchased for as little as $15 at some Sally's locations.

Which One Is The Best Choice Among All Types of Hair Extensions? -
Before & After Hair Extensions
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Another very popular human hair extension is the 17" Wavy Human Hair by Hairdo. This hairstyle comes with waves in it that gives you a great wavy look. It's made with 100% human hair and comes down slightly under your shoulders. They also have nine different colors that you can choose from. One of the highlights of this human hair extension is that you can add highlights to it, and blend the hair color. This particular hair piece can be purchased from hairstylecity.com
If you are looking for hair like what you see Beyonce use, you will need to find Remy Human Hair extensions. This hair is one hundred percent Indian hair, and comes in both wavy and straight. This type of hair will cost you a lot more money than the human hair extensions mentioned above. You can expect to pay at least well over one hundred dollars for the Remi hair. One website where you can purchase the Remy hair from is fekewigs.com.
The cuticle natural perm straight hair is also very popular. Cuticle itself comes in a variety of different styles including silky straight, French body ware, and European wave. To see more options on the cuticle hair extensions you can visit the following website runiquebeautysupply.com. You can also ask for it to be ordered from your local Sally's store as well. Make sure that you ask for the Remy human hair extension, because there also is a synthetic version as well.
There is also the Pro Yaki Human Hair extension. The most popular length is the 12 inch. This is the exact same hair extension that they use in Hollywood, so if you want that real professional look than you will invest the $90 for your hair. The Pro Yaki human hair extension has one way cuticles. You can purchase this online at, hisandher.com. Just keep in mind that good quality ponytails are a lot more affordable than you may think.
Remember when shopping for 100% human hair you want to make sure that you really are getting the best. Always check the label and dont base the quality on how much you pay.

Where to Find Remy Hair Extensions

Is Remy Hair for You?

           Hair extensions seem to be getting more popular as consumers are willing to spend money on the beauty products, a popular hair product is Remy Hair Extensions. Here you will find websites that offer Remy Hair.
Here you will find a wide range of choices in hair extensions, the Remi Velvet offers choices such as: Remi Velvet Mirage Wave Short Series, Remi Velvet Pomoni Wave Short Series, Remi Velvet Abella Wave Weave, Remi Velvet Glamour Wave Weave, Remi Velvet Devine Wave Weave, Remi Mirage Wave Weave plus much more.
This site offers Virgin Indian Remy hair extensions, this type is a very popular Remy hair extension. Additional Remy hair offered is : Cuticle Remy and Indian Remy Closure Pieces. The website gives clear explanations of Remy Hair extensions.
Lots of Remy Hair extension choices on this website. The photographs are very clear and the site is easy to navigate, there is free shipping on orders over $100. The OCH Remy Hair is crafted from 100% Human Hair.
Excellent site for Remy Hair extensions, choices offered are: Virgin Indian Straight, Virgin Indian Wave, Virgin Indian Curly, Remy Indian Straight, Remy Indian Wavy plus more. This website links to one of the websites listed but this site does a nice job of giving links to Remy Hair extension resources.
If you are located in the Sacramento, California area, the Hair Extension specialist listed on the website may be a great resource if you are looking someone to put your Remy Hair extensions in. This website has some great information on Remy Hair extensions.
Remy Hair extensions tend to be more expensive than other hair extensions but after researching hair extensions, many hair extension professionals comment that Remy Hair is worth the cost. The best suggestion that I can give is to do your own research and decide if Remy Hair is the best choice for you.

 How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

            Hair extensions are an easy way to add length or volume to your hair. Nowadays, you will see most celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, and Heidi Klum with short hair one day and the next day they have long hair. This is due to the ever popular hair extensions. Just because celebrities can afford hair extensions, can you? Let's take a look at the approximate cost of hair extensions.
The cost of hair extensions is going to differ from salon to salon, but most will charge an approximate amount for them. This will give you a better idea of if you can even afford hair extensions and what method of hair extensions you may be able to afford. Lastly, hair extension cost can differ on the type of hair that is used. If you get synthetic hair extensions it is going to be cheaper than if you got real, unprocessed hair.
Clip In Hair Extensions
Clip in hair extensions are the easiest and cheapest way to add the length and volume to your hair. You can even get clip in hair extensions yourself and not have to worry about going to a hair salon. You can find kits for clip in hair extensions that range from $19 to $300 depending on how great of quality the hair is and how much you want. Jessica Simpson has a very popular line of clip in hair extensions that you can find anywhere.
Hot Fusion Or Bonding Hair Extensions
This is the most traditional way that hair extensions are placed in a person's hair. You go to a hair salon and they will use a hot glue to fuse or bond the hair extensions to your natural hair. A good hair stylist will make it so that you can't even tell you have the hair extensions in. The average cost for this method of hair extensions is $300. It can get a lot higher if you want a lot of extensions put in or you want really long ones. These hair extensions can last up to 4 months.
Cold Fusion Hair Extensions
This is a newer technology that is now being used because it is gentler on the hair then hot fusion. This method uses a "keratin-based polymer" to attach the extensions to the root of the natural hair. This results in a more natural feeling for you hair. These hair extensions can last a little bit longer, usually around 6 months. The cost for this method is a quite a dramatic difference from hot fusion. These hair extensions will cost you anywhere from $1500 to $4000.

A Weave
A weave involves braiding the hair extensions into the natural hair. Many times a weave is more than just a few hair extensions but will cover the entire head. Depending on the type of hair and how much they use for your weave, it can cost $500 to $1200.
Source: hair-weaving.blogspot.com/2008/04/fusion-hair-extensions.html

Hair Extensions: How to Pick the Right Color and Texture

Hair extensions, or hair weaves, or no longer just for celebrities. You can change your look by adding hair extensions to your current 'do in no time flat. Whether you have a professional hair stylist add your extensions or you do it yourself, the first, and most important step is choosing the right hair. Color, texture and length are all important factors and must all be taken into consideration when you visit the hair store in search of the perfect bag of hair.

You may not find a hair color that is a spot-on perfect match for your natural hair, but try to get the extensions to match as closely as possible. Don't be shy, hold the artificial hair right up against yours to make sure it will match well. You probably won't be able to take hair you have not purchased outside, but try to find a window to check the hair color in a natural light. You may think your hair is black while you're indoors, but outdoors it may in fact be off black or dark brown.
Learn the different shades and color codes available for hair extensions. Do an Internet search for "Hair Extension Colors" and you'll find many resources with the color names/codes. For instance, in the hair extension world, jet black is #1, off black is #1b, darkest brown is #2, etc. They are the same across the board for all brands of hair, and you'll feel more confidence when you walk into the beauty supply store if you have a starting point for the color you're looking for. The store staff should be available to help you as well. If they don't or won't, look for another store. While they're not obligated to help you, only to sell it to you, a good store owner or staff member will be happy to show you all the colors so you can make an educated choice.
Texture is just as important as color. Even if you pick the right color, your hairstyle will look terrible if you mix curly hair with straight extensions or kinky extensions with silky hair. Again, through a little online research and with the advice of the beauty supply store staff, you should have a good idea of what will work best for you. If you want to try something different from your hair's normal texture, make sure you can adapt your natural hair to blend in well with the extensions. For instance, if your hair is straight and you want Shirley Temple curls, make sure you can achieve Shirley Temple curls with your real hair before making the purchase.
Finally, make sure you pick a length that blends well with your own hair. My personal pet peeve is women who have not blended their hair with the extensions, leaving choppy, visibly short hair around their neck and shoulders, and then long hair beyond that. Experiment with purchasing two bags of hair, one shorter than the other. Mix them when you put the extensions in so that you'll achieve a layered, blended look.

Could Paris Hilton Hair Extensions Cost $35 Million?

            Paris Hilton's hair extensions could become the most expensive fake hair in the history of America. According to the New York Daily News, Paris Hilton's is wearing the wrong weave, and as such will owe a company $35 million in damages.
The $35 million claim is about 10 times the amount that Hilton was paid to wear the weave from the company. Furthermore the alleged competitor's hair was worn way back in 2008.
In addition, the company also claims they lost $6.6 million after Hilton failed to attend a launch party. Was the hotel heiress partying down? No. She was simply behind bars because of her DUI incidents.
There are claims that Hilton is a serial commitment breaker. She was reportedly paid $1 million to appear in a movie called "Pledge This!" The movie only made $3 million in theaters despite the $8 million production costs. That company sued her because they don't think she promoted the film properly.
The hair extensions lawsuit just add to Hilton's recent legal woes. The socialite has been accused of having marijuana on her person at least a couple times this year - once at the World Cup and the other in France.
So what is causing all this headache for the blonde beauty? Could it be that she just doesn't care about her obligations, or do you think that these individuals are coming after her because of her money? If they sue Paris Hilton, there's a pretty good chance they would be able to collect what they are awarded.
As for the whole hair extension thing...I don't see the big deal. After all, I wouldn't be able to tell one hair extension company from another.
Still yet, if Hilton was paid to wear certain hair extensions and then failed to do so that cold be a big problem. If there's a signed contract, and she broke it - that could have serious ramifications.
Word to the wise - honor your contractual agreements. You never know which parties are going to be willing to sue you should you not do as you say and agree too.
I still think $35 million is a bit much given that she was only paid $3.5 million to wear the extensions. Then again, we live in America and our legal system allows for these types of lawsuits.

The Right Way to Color Hair Extensions

When coloring your hair extensions you need to be really careful. Even though they are human hair, they can still get damaged, and either split or break off.
Sometimes retailers have certain hair piece colors on sale much cheaper than your hotter colors like blonde, red, black, or multi-tone. So people figure buy these and color them to match their own hair. This sounds fine and dandy, but sometimes it doesn't always work out the way you want it to, unless your a professional and know what your doing.

Proper Coloring
Whether you are going light or dark there are certain things to consider. Although most colors say to use 20 volume peroxide don't. On hair extensions if your going dark you only need to deposit that shade and not lift it. By applying a higher volume it can weaken the hair piece, glue, or the combs.
Making your extensions lighter using 30 or 40 volume, or highlighting bleach can totally ruin them. If you insist on a lighter color, then skip the bleach and use the 30 volume peroxide. I rather see you use the peroxide and still have the hair healthy and not breaking off.

Choosing the best kind of hair extensions
Choosing the best kind of hair extensions
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Applying The Hair Color To Extension
Can you apply the color while clip on extensions are on your head? Yes, you can, but the color won't be as even. When you remove the hair piece you might have leopard spots by your scalp, and the color by the clip on comb will still be the same color as before.
You can color all of the extensions at one time. However, I would do the first two first to determine the actual color and timing needed. Rinse off the color in cold water and air dry.
Please make sure to apply the color to every part of the extension, this goes for the hair by the clip, in-between clip, and around clip.
During Coloring Process
Once all the pieces are colored carefully gather them all up and place them into a hair color processing cap. This will help keep the heat in and make the color change quicker. Leave on for 20-30 minutes. Make sure to test after the first 15 minutes by gently wiping off a little color with a paper towel. Then smoosh the color back into that spot and continue the processing time until finished.
Washing Coloring Off
This is a very delicate procedure, because you don't want to cause breakage, or tangles in the hair.
Rinse off in cold water. Place shampoo on them and lightly rub into the hair. Basically you just need to pat. Rinse again, and apply conditioner. Rinse off, but leave some conditioner in. Air dry.
Source: Professional Beautician.
How to manage hair extensions
How to manage hair extensions
Infographic source: Pinterest

5 Ways to Save on Feather Hair Extensions

How to Save Money when Getting Feather Extensions: Easy Tricks & Tips

            Do you love the beauty craze of feather hair extensions but don't want to pay salon prices in order to obtain the fashion-forward look? Just like when it comes to coloring your hair or finding the perfect styling tools, you can cut a few expensive corners to save money. Here are five tips to make your beauty dollar stretch.
1. Eliminate the salon: do them yourself. The first step in saving money on hair care is to eliminate the high prices of a professional salon. Adding feathers to your hair is something you can do without a hairdresser's assistance and oversight. You're not working with harsh chemicals and you don't need a cosmetology license to perform the task. If you want, you can enlist the help of a trusted friend to keep you in line, but the at-home process is actually quite simple. You may be surprised at how easy the stunning look is to create.
2. Think sporting goods not beauty supplies. You can find fun feathers at beauty supply stores, both online and in some brick and mortars, but you can likely drastically reduce the cost of said feathers if you think outside of the pre-packaged beauty box. Fly fishing feathers can look equally fabulous in your hair at a fraction of the price. Be sure to buy real feathers, not synthetic, so you can wash, dry, curl and style them.
3. Go crafty with the clamps. Just as you can save by skipping the beauty supply store when it comes to feathers, you might be able to shave off a few more dollars if you go to the craft section of your local retailer and buy jewelry-style crimp beads or tubes. You want to make sure to buy a set of tubes large enough to fit a few strands of your hair as well as a single feather, or a bundle, according to your preferences.
4. Improvise on the threader. You'll likely want some sort of threading device to help you weasel your hair into the crimp bead before you add your feathers, but you don't need to buy some specially designed beauty tool that you can't use in a multi-tasking fashion. You could use a needle threader, crochet hook or even bobby pin to help you thread your hair through the hair extension tube.
5. Skip the nonsense: use everyday pliers. To fasten your clamps into the hair after your feathers have been added, you can use a pair of bead crimping pliers to get the job done or even just a pair of regular needle-nose pliers, which can also act as the multi-purpose application and removal tool needed to install and unleash your lovely feather extensions.

Different Types of Hair You Can Use with a Latch Hook Weave

            The latch hook weaving technique is used to attach single strand hair extensions on to cornrows using a crochet needle. Over the past 10 years that I've spent as a hairstylist, I would recommend the latch hook weaving technique to those who are looking to change-up their hairstyle temporarily. It's also a great hairstyle for those who do not want to bother with blending their natural hair in with their weave or fooling around with bonding glue. There are many different types, textures and styles of hair that you can use with a latch hook weave.

Bulk Natural Hair 
Bulk human hair in any texture, such as deep wavy, curly or straight, can be used to do a latch hook weave. Human hair extensions has the best versatility among any other hair extensions, because you can use hot irons, wash and style the hair as often as you like.

Bulk Synthetic Hair 
Bulk synthetic hair can also be used to do a latch hook weave and it too comes in many different textures. Additionally, the hair comes pre-styled, but it's not as versatile as human hair. Therefore, you will not be able to use really hot irons on the hair or you'll risk melting it completely and washing it may cause it to form into a tangled mess.

Kanekalon hair 
Kanekalon hair is also a good choice of hair extensions to use to do a latch hook weave because the hair comes pre-styled and doesn't need a lot of maintenance. Kanekalon hair is a mixture of kanekalon and synthetic fibers, which mimic human hair. However, kanekalon hair cannot be used with hot irons or around heat in any way, as it will melt faster than an ice cream cone on a sunny day. Additionally, you cannot wash this hair as it tangles easily when in contact with water.

Hair extensions that comes on a weft or seam are the traditional type of hair extensions used with sew-in and glue in weaves. However, you can also use them with the latch hook technique. To use wefted-hair extensions for a latch hook weave, you must first cut the hair from the weft. This allows you to use your favorite hair extension texture as your latch hook weave. Just remember that once you cut the hair from the seam, there is no going back.

My Review of Manic Panic Glam Strips

Awhile back, I purchased some of the Manic Panic Glam Strips in the Bombshell color. I was looking for some hair extensions that I didn't have to glue in or have professionally done. I was looking for hair extensions strips that I could just clip into my natural hair that would look semi-decent. At the time, I paid about $9 for each of the Manic Panic Glam Strips that I purchased. I did think the price of the Manic Panic Glam Strips was a bit high at the time, but I have since seen them on sale cheaper than that at various places.
What I really like about the Manic Panic Glam Strips is that the clip on them is very sturdy. I find that I can click them into my hair very easily, and without a problem. With some hair extensions I purchased in the past, I've noticed that they either didn't clip in very easily, or the clip was not sturdy enough. When the clip on a hair extension is not sturdy enough, I find that the hair extensions falls out of my hair quite easily when just doing basic things such as walking down the street. Hair extensions are quite expensive, so you don't want to lose them while walking down the street, jogging, doing everyday activities, etc.
Since I purchased the 18-inch version of the Manic Panic Glam Strips, I found that the Manic Panic Glam Strips did somewhat like to get tangled. This, however, I think is normal for any hair extensions (so I don't think this is a unique problem regarding the Manic Panic Glam Strips.) I found out by experience that it's not a wise idea to use a hairbrush on the Manic Panic Glam Strips, because of the fact that using a hairbrush on them seems to make them frizzy and frazzled-looking. I almost ruined two of the Manic Panic Glam Strips because of this.
Overall, I would highly recommend the Manic Panic Glam Strips. They seem to work very nicely, and stay in place in my hair where I clip them. Again, I have to mention that the clips on the Manic Panic Glam Strips are very sturdy and secure, and I've never seen any other clip-in hair extensions have such nice clips on them as the Manic Panic Glam Strips do.
The only disadvantage regarding the Manic Panic Glam Strips is the price of them. I'm not too happy that each one of the Manic Panic Glam Strips ran me $9. However, I believe the Manic Panic Glam Strips are available at some places for a much less inexpensive price.
I will be buying more Manic Panic Glam Strips in the future, as I'd like to try some Fuchsia Shock color or Cotton Candy Pink color Manic Panic Glam Strips, as well as buy some more Bombshell color Manic Panic Glam Strips. I think the Manic Panic Glam Strips are an excellent product, and again would recommend them to anyone looking for great clip-in hair extensions.

Caring for Hair Extensions

           Hair extensions, especially the kind performed by professional stylists, can be very expensive. Therefore, it is a smart idea to protect your investment by properly caring for them. This can be tricky, since extensions made from synthetic hair require different methods of care than those made from human hair. This article will tell you how to properly care for both types of hair extensions.
Natural Hair:
The best-looking extensions on the market are made from 100% human hair. Human hair is also very expensive compared to many synthetics, so these extensions will require more care. The first step is to use the right products for shampooing and conditioning. Products that contain too much oil can cause extensions to fall out, especially the types of extensions that are applied with heat or with glue. When washing the extensions, make sure not to get shampoo or conditioner on the area where the extensions are attached to your own hair. Also, avoid using a circular motion when shampooing, as this can cause the hair to tangle. Clean the extensions by gently working an oil-free shampoo from the mid-shaft of the hair to the ends.
The nice thing about human hair extensions is that they can be styled with blowdryers, curling irons, and straightening irons. However, it is possible to damage the extensions if the heat from your styling tools is too high. Use a medium heat setting on your blowdryer and irons, and always protect the hair by applying a thermal protection spray.
The most common problem with human hair extensions is tangling. Extensions should be brushed daily because a small tangle can quickly turn into a large knot if you are not careful. Always use a natural-bristle brush when brushing human hair extensions and brush gently from the ends up to where the extensions attach. Brushing too hard or using a poor-quality brush can pull out the extensions. To further reduce tangling, put the extensions in a loose braid before going to bed and use a silk or satin pillowcase. Most tangling occurs from the friction of a pillowcase against the head.

Synthetic Hair:
Synthetic hair extensions are less expensive, so failing to care for them properly will make the hair look very artificial and un-natural. Synthetic hair fibers are easily damaged by heat, and will melt if you try to curl them with an iron. Always use low heat when blowdrying. In order to curl synthetic extensions, make sure that the extensions are damp (not soaking wet), and use the lowest heat setting on your curling iron. How hot is too hot? If you can burn yourself by grabbing the barrel of the iron, then it is too hot. If you can grab the barrel of the iron for 2-3 seconds, then it is the perfect temperature. If you can grab the barrel of the iron for more than 3 seconds without burning yourself, then the iron isn't hot enough.
Synthetic extensions are generally easy to clean. No special shampoos are necessary, and some people even use liquid hand soap to clean them. Synthetic extensions also are more resistant to tangling than human hair extensions, but they still need to be gently brushed.
Following these tips will help ensure that you get the most life out of your extensions, and will help to keep your hair extensions looking their best.

African American Hairstyles: Extensions

              Braid Extensions is a hairstyle that is very popular in the African American Community. Other people of African decent wear this hairstyle also. Braid extensions became popular in the 1990's and is an adaptation of braided hairstyles popular in the 1970's and 1980's. Many women alternate between straight styles and braided styles, while using the extensions and braided styles to give their hair a break from over handling and over processing. Others wear braided extensions all the time because it is a very easy style to manage.
Braid extensions are used for several reasons:
~Braid extensions add length and fullness to braided hairstyles. When fake or human hair is added to braids, the result is the appearance of longer hair. An extension also thickens and gives weight and fullness to the braid.
~Braid extensions protect a person's hair from excessive styling and breakage. When fake or human hair is braided into a persons own braids, it surrounds the persons hair and receives less damage wear and tear. The hairstyle also lasts longer than it would if the person's own hair was in a braided style.
~Braid extensions make hair easier to manage: when your hair is braided with extensions, it automatically becomes carefree. You can give your hair a quick wash in the shower and go about your business.

There are different types of braid extension hairstyles:
~Corn-rolled extensions are done when the hair is braided flat to the head into some kind of pattern. The extensions can be used to give length to the end of the braid, or fullness and length to the entire style.
~Individual braids (also called box braids) can be done in a thick braid, a mini braid, or a micro braid style. The amount of hair used in each braid will determine the style. All styles are very pretty, but when the hair is done in micro (very tiny) braids, it the braids are barely noticeable from a distance and the style just looks like a loose or relaxed hairstyle.
~Individual Twist extensions are similar to individual braids. A more natural texture of hair is used instead of the usual straight human hair or kanakelon straight hair. Instead of a three-strand hair, the braid is done in a two-strand twist.
These styles can be done by professionals for anywhere from $60.00 to $200+ depending upon the skill of the braider, and how this customers hair is. When hiring someone to add extensions to your hair, you do have to make sure you choose someone who does not braid too tight, or add to much fake hair because the weight and friction can break and thin your own hair. This is especially important when having children's hair braided. If you already know who to braid hair, then it is not too difficult to learn how to add extensions yourself. For a video demonstration of this style, go here: How to Add Extensions to Twists and Braids.

Facts About Hair Extensions

What You Need to Know Before Taking the Plunge

            Let's face it, not everyone has the beautiful head of hair that they have always dreamed of. It's usually either not long enough or not thick enough, but now there is a way to fix that, hair extensions.
             Hair extensions can be the miracle you've been waiting for if you want that full luscious Victoria's Secret Model hair, or if your trying to grown out a bad hair cut. However, there are some facts that you should know before jumping in.
1. Commitment: Hair extensions are a commitment because they require more maintenance and TLC than normal hair. You have to be extra careful with them so that they don't damage your hair, and leave you looking worse than before. Also, hair extensions that are not well taken care of can look fake and hideous. They can require special products and brushes that are more expensive than what you are used to.
2. Damage: They can damage your hair if not installed or removed properly. The safest method of installation uses wefts, but you can have individual, or strand by strand by strand methods done. Individual methods tend to cause more damage because of the stress on the hair, and should never used on hair that is already damaged. In some cases if hair is too damaged hair extensions should not be applied using any method.
3. Time: Hair extensions take time to install, take down and to maintain. If you have a busy schedule you need to decide if you have adequate time to allot for them. This can be done by talking to a stylist who can give you a general idea of what is necessary.
4. Money: There are cheap hair extensions, but there are also super expensive hair extensions. In terms of hair, if you are buying from a reputable merchant then you get what you pay for. Cheap hair is usually just that, cheap. It may only make it through on install, where as more expensive hair is higher quality and can last for years if properly taken care of. Secondly different methods are more expensive. Wefts are generally installed cheaper than individual. Individual method can cost anywhere $250 up into the thousands. There are name brand methods that basically the same as other individual methods, the only difference is that you are paying the brand name. Also, different parts of the country charge more. You might want to price areas near you or areas that you know you may be visiting to find a price that you can live with.
5. Appearance: They do alter your appearance, and some people have flipped out because they were not used to seeing their self with that style of hair. You may wish to try out a wig of a similar style if are not good at adapting to change. I would hate for you to spend money getting them installed for you to take them out because of shock. Also, everyone has their own opinion and not everyone is going to love them, so be prepared. Just remember, it is your hair and if it makes you happy then that's all that matters.
Hopefully these facts will help you when you are making a decision about hair extensions.

Deep Conditioning Your Hair Extensions

            Deep conditioning hair extensions, is it necessary to do this? No, you don't have to, but if you want to keep your extensions in tip top shape and full of moisture I highly suggest you do.
This can be done almost the same way as your own hair expect for a few different steps.
First step- Make sure to remove any tangles using a big wide tooth comb. If there is tangles mist the hair lightly with a water and conditioner spritz.
Second step- Decide on which type of conditioner you want to use. An egg and mayonnaise mask, banana and honey, avocado and olive oil, or strawberries, oil, and egg? Prepare and mix.
Third step- Grab a towel to lay the extensions on, plastic processing cap, bowl, wide comb, dryer, and one huge claw clip.
Fourth step- One at a time dip the hairpiece into the bowl. Lightly smoosh it around to make sure all strands are receiving treatment. Repeat until you have all of them covered.
Fifth step- Place them all together and clip at the top with claw. You do not have to apply pressure just do it gently. Cover the bunch up with the processing cap. Leave on for 30 minutes.
Last step- Undo the bag and remove the claw. One at a time rinse it off with lukewarm or cold water. I prefer using cold water, because it gives the hair more shine, and protects any color on them. Air dry or use a wet to dry iron. When done apply a tiny amount of hair serum on each one.
If you have the glued in ones then just deep condition like normal and follow the instructions above.

What Not To Do
Although these are like your own, do NOT wear them to bed. If you do they will get extremely tangles, and bunch up underneath making your hair look like a birds nest. Also the clips can accidentally fall out when sleeping, and start to loosen up. Then you will have to resew them back on. I never had this happen to me before, but I never made it a habit to find out. It's just like anything you fall asleep with in your hair, it can get ruined.
One more thing DO NOT use a hard bristle brush. Use a soft paddle brush and gently work your way up from the bottom of the hair to the top of the hair. Don't be aggressive, remember gently is the key word here.
Sources: Professional Beautician

Short Hairstyles for Quick Weaves

            A quick weave is more than just a quick weave; the hairstyles that you can create using the quick weave method can dramatically change your appearance. Quick weaves are done by gluing in hair extensions to molded hair covered with a stocking cap. You can choose whatever length and texture hair extensions you like, but short and sassy is the way to go!

The Nicki Bob 
Over my ten year's experience as a hairstylist, I have came to the conclusion that the bob is a hairstyle that probably will never go out of style. In fact, there are so many variations of the bob that you could style it differently every day and never get bored, similar to how Nicki Minaj has transformed her short classic bob to a fierce asymmetrical bob. A quick weave bob is easy to install using eight to ten-inch long hair extensions. Glue in the eight-inch hair extensions in the back and middle of your head, and then glue in the ten-inch long extensions in the crown and front of your head. Cut a blunt bang in the front and trim the sides and back evenly around your jaw line to finish the look.

Rihanna Pixie Cut with Side Bangs 
If you want to try out an edgy hairstyle with a little sophistication, the pixie cut hairstyle with the addition of bangs is a great choice. This hairstyle has gained popularity since the fabulous Rihanna donned it. The pixie cut is a short, tapered hairstyle, but adding the over-sized slanted bangs makes it pop. You can weave in a pixie cut hairstyle using the 27-piece quick weaving kit. Glue in the short pieces included in the kit in the back of your head and work your way up to the crown. Then, start to glue in the longer pieces in the front of your head, mainly on the side that you want your bang on. Trim the sides of your hair even and feather your bang to complete the look.

The Halle Berry 
The classic Halle Berry haircut is a simple, yet funky pixie cut hairstyle that recognized simply by saying, "the Halle!" The hair is cut close to the head on the back and sides with short layers tussled in the front. This easy style can be recreated with a 27-piece quick weaving kit. To achieve this look, glue in the short hair extensions from the kit to the back and sides of your head. Once you reach the crown of your head, start to glue in the medium sized pieces. Use a flatiron to straighten out a few pieces of hair in the front of your head, and then tussle the hair between your fingers with a bit of styling gel to complete the look.

Brook Burns's Chin Length Wavy Tresses 
Short hairstyles don't always have to be sleek and straight, you can also achieve a short hairstyle with wavy hair. Using eight to twelve-inch long hair extensions, you can quick weave a head full of wavy tresses. Starting at the nape of your neck, glue in the eight-inch wavy hair extensions all the way up to the crown, and then start to glue in the twelve-inch long wavy tresses in the crown. Cut the hair in layers throughout, and then trim the hair evenly around your chin to finish the look.


How to Start a Successful Tangled Hair, Hair Braiding, Hair Extension and Dreadlock Removal Business

Hair braiding, hair extensions, hair weaving and dreadlocks have been hairstyle techniques used for more than 2000 years. After a period of time every extension or braid hairstyle must be removed. And if the hair style is tangled or matted a wise entreprenuer can detangle their way into wealth by providing a safe service.
Despite the fact that some individuals choose to wear their hair in these hairstyles for aesthetic reasons, others prefer the day-to-day ease of these styles that demands little maintenance. Hairdressers must not only be proficient in the application of hair extensions, weaving, braiding or dreadlocks; they must also be adept at the safe removal or detangling of these hairstyles. 

With the increase and demand to wear these hair styles, an entrepreneur must consider a variety of factors when opening a hair braiding, hair extension, tangled hair and dreadlock removal salon business. With proper education and planning, this new venture can become a successful and profitable enterprise.

Business License
Register your business as a legal entity. Even if th e idea of running a business from home intrigues you-a hair braiding, hair extension, tangled hair and dreadlock removal business can be a profitable first home business. Research the tips for starting your own home business that will ease the path to opening your own company.
Contact your state's board of cosmetology to see what are the requirements for a salon business. Removing and detangling hair extensions, braids, or dreadlocks is an art/technique, and the styles of removing braids range from invisible tree braids,box braids to micros and cornrows. The styles of removing hair extensions/weaves rangle from sew-in weaves, fusion keratin bonds, or hair bonding glue.
While it takes great patience to remove and detangle dreadlocks, matted hair or braided hair extensions, you can make money from your work as a professional. Albeit you must follow your state's cosmetology guidelines. Such regulations are in place to educate hairstylists and ensure the safety of consumers. This will enable you to do many things to grow your venture into a success.
Although a large number of hairdressers do not know how to properly and safely remove these hairstyles because the information is not provided in standard Cosmetology curriculum's. In some areas you will still need a cosmetology license. Get your business cards and website. This helps you to network professionally with other businesses. It gives you corporate identity and the ability to become the boss of your own business. Lease or buy a space or another option is to rent a space, often referred to as "booth rental," at an established salon.

Get Training 
An entrepreneur must obtain training in the technique of proper removal of hair braiding, hair extensions and dreadlocks before opening a removal salon business. There are a number of techniques that can be used to remove many of the styles that customers request.
Many salon owners employ hair extension specialists who can braid, weave or dreadlock hair, to do all these hairstyles which have become an integral part of salon services. However the truth is that the salon hires these specialists to perform braids, dreadlocks, weaves and extensions on clients fast, accurately and with imagination and creativity; but many of their clients are losing hair.
Weaving and braiding has now become a part of cosmetology training syllabus, for Caucasian and ethnic hairdressers. The manipulation of hair is a very creative skill, a technique. The Take Down Products Hair Education Program provides certified training of product knowledge and education on the proper removal of bonding glue, hair attachments, hair braiding, hair weaving/hair extensions, dreadlocks (real or artificial), fusion micro bonding, keratin bonds, and very tangled/matted hair.
In most instances, entrance to these programs requires that students be at least 18 years of age and possess a high school diploma or its equivalent. While graduates of some of these programs receive a certificate upon completion, other programs offer employment as well. A large number of hairdressers do not know how to properly and safely remove these hairstyles. The information is not provided in standard Cosmetology curriculum's.
Groups like the Tangled Hair Techs offer training videos or seminars with intense hands-on training- using real models with tangled matted hair, old braids, bonding glue, hair extensions, dreadlocks(real or artificial), and hair weaving during the class training to demonstrate and teach removal techniques. They also provide seminars to Cosmetology Schools who are interested so that once their students complete their hairdressing/barbering courses, they are equipped as effective professionals in cosmetology.

Prepare Your Plan
When you start a home business, your days quickly become complicated. Filling out business paperwork, creating a marketing plan, dealing with vendors and selling to clients all compete for your limited time. To reduce the chaos in something that seems complicated when you think of it can seem easy to deal with when you see it written out. This prepares your mindset for this new field or area of business for you. You have to look at all the possibilities before you decide to start in

Discuss With Friends & Family
A new business will cut into your personal life. It changes your home schedule and affects the rest of your family. Before you start pursuing a new business, sit down with your friends and family to discuss the changes that will occur. They will be of great assistance and support with ideas you never considered. But keep optimistic even if they don't completely see your vision.

Patience to Practice
The great part about starting a hair braiding, hair extension and dreadlock removal business is that it doesn't require a lot of capital to get started. Every clients hairstyle has to be removed someday!
However you must be prepared to spend time practicing your training. Now that you have the training, focus on becoming one of the best service providers in your area. Start with the with friends and family.

Setting Up Your Customer Base
An entrepreneur should use a variety of techniques to attract clients to a new hair styling business. Through traditional methods of advertisement, such as marketing a website with Google or Facebook, placing advertisements in local periodicals and distributing flyers throughout the community via social media, are very effective. 
Entrepreneurs must network their way to success. Satisfied clients must be viewed as a reliable source for new customers. Their word of mouth can ultimately lead to referral business. Offer business cards to each client, open a promotional blog, set up social networking accounts, distribute news releases to local media outlets or submit photos of your work to be featured in hair styling and braiding magazines and websites.
Build a portfolio of all the styles you have removed-with before and after pictures. Create videos to show the clients while they wait. To create your initial portfolio, offer removal services to friends and family for free, or a reduced price. 

Stocking Up Your Business With Resources
Every clients hairstyle has to be removed someday, and hopefully it will be by the same salon that created the hairstyle. On the word of Tangled Hair Techs "there may be price variations for different types of hair, but when it comes to braid, extension or dreadlock removal there is no expensive or cheap way to do it. Just the safe and correct way. And that's what the love of hairdressing really is."
There are many different methods of attaching individual extensions. Some use glue, some use a heat-activated fusion bond, others use tiny metal clips, and others require the extension to be attached to the real hair with a miniature cornrow or braid. Consequently whatever attachment method used, the salon and the staff should be proficient in doing it, and removing it.

Common Braid/ Extension Removal Errors
·        Chemically Relaxing tangled with knots or matted hair 
·        Diluting the Take Down Remover Cream 
·        Chemically Coloring or Relaxing the hair without completely removing hair glue (bonding or fusion) 
·        Shampooing very tangled/matted hair 
·        Rushing and pulling while removing braids/extensions around hairline 
·        Using oil sheen and conditioner to remove bonding glue 
·        Choosing the wrong removal technique for the client's hair needs

Finally, as a new business owner you must respect each clients crown. If you hire hairdressers they must be educated on client maintenance while they are sitting in the styling chair, because the more likely the client will be to come back again. The client is pleased with their look and feels confident that you truly saved and cared for their hair.

Hair Weave on Vacation...

How to Maintain Your Hair Weave or Hair Extensions on Summer Vacation

The snow has finally thawed and the summer vacation season is here. Whether you head south to Florida, cruise to a Caribbean island or travel abroad, fabulous hair is a necessary accessory to accompany your bikini-clad body. After working months to get your body perfect, why mess up your look with a baseball cap, a scarf or worse '" a scrungie! (yikes!)
The beaches down south will be super hot and humid this year. You can count on 90'¹ temps with just has much humidity; this will be a killer for your relaxed hair styles. The best way to deal with this is to get a wet and wavy (sew-in) hair weave. The maintenance is surprisingly low, after you cleanse and towel dry the hair, you can just wear it wavy. If you want to look chic for a night of dancing, once the hair dries you can straighten it with a flat iron or use flexi-curlers for a bouncy spiral look. You can go from poolside to night club with minimal time spent on your hair, after all '" you are on vacation!
I know what you're thinking -- after spending so much money on the travel arrangements '" Who has money for a sew-in weave? Answer: You can order The Ultimate Hair Weave Guide from Amazon (or Hair-Weave-Guide com) to get step-by-step instructions on how to properly install and maintain your own hair weave. It's a life saver. I used this process last year while traveling abroad and I was the only one in my group who looked just as fabulous on the flight going to Europe as I did on the flight home. After day four of our ten day trip, everyone else was in baseball caps and scarves. And let's face it there's no way to look sophisticated in a baseball cap.
Check out the tips below to help maintain your vacation hair style:
1. Wet your hair before swimming. The best way to protect your hair from the discoloration and drying damage that salt water and chlorine can cause is to saturate your hair with water and add a coat of conditioner prior to entering the water. The hair can only absorb so much water, so it's best if it's not chlorine or salt water.
2. Cleanse your hair immediately after you take a dip. You can't simply ring the excess water from your hair after swimming. Both salt and chlorine can strip the hair of essential lubricants. Be sure to wash hair with a conditioning shampoo, or sometimes I skip the shampoo and do a co-wash (cleansing with conditioner only) to prevent drying the hair out any further. I love Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner, while I am not a "mixed chick" chances are the hair on my head is indeed "mixed".
3. Air dry instead of blow drying. Frequent blow drying can be very harsh on the hair.
4. Sleep in a silk/satin scarf. This will prevent breakage and make styling easier the next morning.
Bon voyage!
        Ideeas and texts by KenyondaB, Hair Diva, Angel Vee, Hannah E. Trotter, Annette Posey, Hair Experts, Mrs. Renee, Michelle M. Guilbeau, Dreah Lauraine, Chloe Storm, Marlin Bressi, Elizabeth V. Miller, S , Jonathan Nelson,  Jodi Morse,  D Swain,  Tiffany Bell, Meg G - with many thanks!

New Study Reports that Hair Extensions Could Cause Hair Loss

Could hair extensions actually cause hair loss? That's exactly what a number of women have been reporting. Dr. Eric Schweiger, a dermatologist in New York City says that he has seen a number of women who have experience large patches of hair loss caused by wearing hair extensions. He says it happens most commonly when extensions are worn for long periods of time, such as six months or more.
While they have not yet discovered what it is about extensions that are causing hair loss, Dr. Schweiger has offered a few tips to avoid hair loss. Make sure you choose the best method of extensions for you and your hair type, talk to your stylist immediately if you begin to experience hair loss, and make sure that you have your extensions properly removed by your stylist, never try to remove them yourself. It's also important to consider the overall health of your hair before applying extensions. Hair that is damaged or dry is more likely to have negative reactions.
Different types of hair extension methods include hand tying, sewing and braiding, as well as hair fusion using glue, silicon or keratin.
While there are many people who wear hair extensions without any negative effects, this study would certainly make me think twice! While I don't have any desire for extensions, I think they are a wonderful option for women who are re-growing their hair due to medical reasons or health trauma. Many celebrities and actresses commonly use them to alter their appearance for movie roles.

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