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Beauty and Style Tips For Applying Makeup

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The first thing to do when applying make up is to start with your foundation. It is very important to find a color that matches you skin tone exactly. You want it to blend in. Start by dotting the foundation on your face evenly. If you blend it in with your fingers it will give it a much more even look than doing it another way. After blending with your fingers, you can always even it off with your make up sponge. It is highly suggested to do this after using your finger to blend the foundation in.

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The second step is your concealer. Your concealer should match your skin tone exactly. Concealers with a brush are very effective because it helps you get under the eye better than using your finger. Highlighting around your nose is a good place to start and any blemishes you may have as well. You can finish this step with a make up sponge as well.

After you have your base, you want to set it with powder. You want to keep it very light. Just do a light dusting on your whole face. After that dusting it is best to start with your eyebrows. Most people use a make up pencil with an eye brow brush afterwards to blend everything in.
Makeup Base

When using eye shadow, it is best to start off with your lightest color. This can also be known as your highlighter color. Use your finger to apply this. You can then take your second color which is a little darker and apply it with a brush. You want to use this to blend into your crease. This can be any color you want but you want it to be darker than your base that you put on originally.

The next step is your eye liner. Most people use black or a very dark color for their eye liners. It is very important that you always blend this in as well. Start on the upper lid and get it really close to your lash line. You do not want any light to show between your lashes and your lid. Take you sponge tip afterwards and smudge it all in.

Mascara is the last thing you want for your face. Wipe off any excess mascara on a tissue when applying. Get it as close to the base of your lashes as you can. If you have any clumps, use an eye lash separator to comb it out.


These simple steps will help you apply make up on your face the easiest and most efficient way. By using these steps effectively, it should not take you more than ten minutes to apply. Not only will you look great, but you will also save a lot of time and mistakes as well. Thanks to Benjamin Sadel for providing these valuable infos.

Beauty and Style Tips For Applying Makeup
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