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Is Jewelry Making Your Passion?

How to Include Your Kids in Your Hobbies

With three girls in my house, we've had Nana's help in creating an interest in jewelry making. However, there are other ways to get kids interested in jewelry making. The first is to pick an outlet that interests them. Another is to make jewelry for others. Lastly, try doing jewelry making in a group. Still, there is more to it than this.
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Pick an Outlet that Interests You
Much like clothes, the jewelry you wear is an extension of your personality. The same applies for making jewelry to be given as a gift. It should be a reflection of the recipient's personality. Jewelry making is a great way to show your appreciation for a person, as well as show how well you really know them.
Make a Gift of Jewelry for Others.
What better way to get your kid interested than to make a gift for a friend. While making jewelry for your self can be fun, making jewelry for others is always more fun. Not only are you able to give someone a gift, but you are also able to show off your hard work and creativity.

Free Jewelry Patterns - Kindle
Free Jewelry Patterns - Kindle

To do so, you can explore the different types of jewelry. There are many types of jewelry that fit people of all ages. For younger children, try the pop beads that allow you to piece together multiple beads of various colors. They can make them big or small. For children in middle school, the art of friendship bracelets will always be popular. Older kids will enjoy working with beads and gems.
Within each age group, each child will have a different style of jewelry making that they prefer. Some prefer beads. Others prefer to make pins out of felt or bracelets out of clay. Whatever their preference, let them explore that area. You will be surprised at what they create.

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Make Jewelry with a Group of Friends
Still, if you are unable to get a kid interested in jewelry making, you can always put together a group of his or her friends. Jewelry making is definitely a group activity. Not only does your kid get to be with their friends, but they will also get some great ideas.
So, go ahead, throw a jewelry making party for your kid. Display all types of jewelry so that the possibilities are endless. Invite them to put all the jewelry together and each pick out a different one as a gift. Everyone will create beautiful items and have a great time!

How to Make Your Own Jewelry Christmas Tree

Here's what you'll need:
Styrofoam cone. The size of the cone will depend on how many jewelry findings you have to decorate with.
Christmas wrapping paper foil in red, green, gold, silver or any other color you'd like. You can even use kitchen aluminum foil.
Jewelry findings (broken pieces, single earrings, etc.) buttons, beads, pottery shards. Use your imagination. If you do choose jewelry, it's always best to try to use pieces of broken jewelry. I advise not deliberately using jewelry that is still in good condition, even if you think it's junk. 
How to Make Your Own Jewelry Christmas Tree

Remember, today's junk is tomorrow's treasure. 
Some of the oddest things tend to creep up in value while we're not looking. You can also use a straight pin to put some of the pieces on. Then they'll be easy to take off if you realize they have more value on the market than on the tree.
Hot glue gun. Don't forget the glue!
*Optional addition #1 - Tiny Christmas tree lights
**Optional addition #2 - Beaded garland

Jewelry making

And here's how to do it:
1. Wrap the cone with foil paper. Overlap the ends and glue together. Do not use hot glue directly on the Styrofoam. It will melt and melted Styrofoam is definitely not a desired result here.
2. Putting the glue directly on the jewelry pieces, start placing your findings on the foil covered cone. Use larger pieces first, then fill in the spaces with smaller findings. Just put them on here, there and everywhere. Don't stress on placement. It will look good no matter what you do.
3. Decide what you'd like to use for a topper. This tree is using a little, vintage angel.
*There are two ways to use a string of lights. You can put them under the foil, using florist pins, or even hairpins, to hold the string in place. When you wrap the cone in the foil, you need to make little slits where each light is, then press the foil down around the bulb. This is the hardest way to make it look "right", so you might try the next method. Put the lights on top of the foil, either hold the string in place with the florist pins or glue it down, then simply glue your findings on top of the light string. It is harder to cover the light strings this way.
**If you choose to use beaded garland, add it before adding the findings, then proceed to step 2.
Find a pretty silver tray, mirror, doily, plate or saucer for a base or maybe wind beaded or tinsel garland around the bottom and you're done! Now wasn't that easy?
Here you can find anothere one!

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How to Include Your Kids in Your Hobbies With three girls in my house,  we've had Nana's help in creating an interest in  jewelr...

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