Thursday, May 19, 2016

Harajuku Lovers Fashion Watches

Harajuku Lovers Fashions Watches are influenced by the Japanese culture and are a very uniquely designed style of fashion watch mostly worn by teen girls.

Harajuku is a major fashion region in Japan that influences a major sector of the population particularly teens. Known as the Harajuku Girls the fashion fusion that has evolved from the use of Gwen Stefani's coining the term after using the label in her music, however the Harajuku region is edgy and trendy and is known as one of the most cosmopolitan fashion areas in Japan. From this region and this influence comes the stylish Harajuku Lovers Fashion Watches.

The selection of watches from the collection of Harajuku Lovers Fashion Watches consists of a varied collection of fashion watches. All of the watches are reasonably priced, trendy, and quite colorful. One of the very popular styles among the collection of Harajuku Lovers Fashion Watches is the Roundie Def Girls Gwen Watch. Features include a stainless steel back, three hand movement, a clear face, transparent straip with "Gwen" graphics, and colorful female graphics on the dial of the watch. Available from the collection of the Harajuku Lovers Fashion Watches, the Roundie Def Girls Gwen Watch retails for $50.00.

Another of the popular styles from the collection of Harajuku Lovers Fashion Watches is the colorful "Water Color Watch." The cute and stylish watch has a stainless steel back, a round clear face, a Harajuku girl's graphic on the dial, a blue plastic strap with a printed logo that reads "A Fatal Attraction to Cuteness," and a feminine signature Harajuku Lovers heart charm which dangles from the watch strap. The retail price for the Harajuku Water Color Watch is $50.00.

The Harajuku Lovers Fashion Watches are all fairly colorful and edgy. There is one watch in particular that is quite unique and that is the Harajuku Lovers "Crest Watch" in black. The water resistant watch has many of the same basic features as the rest of the collection including features such as; a stainless steel case back with a round case, clear face, logo graphic on the dial reading "In Lovers We Trust," three hand movement, a black plastic strap with beautifully designed Japanese characters in white, and the signature Harajuku Lovers heart charm designed to dangle from the strap. 

The retail price for the Harajuku Lovers Crest Watch in black is $50.00. This particular watch is also available in white with gold characters.

Harajuku Fashion Watches can be purchased from Harajuku, from Eluxury, or other high end retailers carrying trendy popular luxury fashions. Lola Inez also says that for more information on Harajuku Fashion Watches visit the official web sites for either Harajuku or Eluxury,

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