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Luxury watches, Cyma Watches, Ladies Watch Review and Protection for Your Luxury Watches

CYMA watches Swiss made movement CL338-B Ladies

Cyma Watches: History & Tradition of Fine Watches

The history of watches or timekeeping has a long history, dating back to ancient times. From the sun dial to the wrist watches we have come a long way and the designs of watches are evolving with each passing day.

The first watches came into existence as pocket watches manufactured by Patek Phillippe & Co. , later these watches became the wrist watches. In 1800s women wore more wristwatches than men. As gifts watches were more popular and it was used to celeberate the child's entrance inot adulthood and were passed on through generations and preserved as family heirlooms.
CYMA watches Swiss Movement made CL2015-B Ladies

It was during the World War 1 that soldiers were firstissued wristwatches. These watches were less expensive than pocket watches generally used by men during those days. The important strategy was the soldiers of America used their watches to synchronize the attach and battle times. After the war the soldiers continued wearing the watches and the practice assumed among the common man also.

With the passage of time watches have taken different shapes and sizes. Watches are available in radios, television, computers. But the charm and beauty of the old timepiece remain the same.

Countries manufacturing watches
The first country to start the manufacture of handmade watches was Britian. The industry of handmade watches improved considerably after the French Revolution. Unfortunately the British watch making industry could not sustain due to competition from modern methods used in watch making and this industry severely opposed the inclusion of women operatives in the workforce thereby causing severe decline in the manufacture
Later the French overtook the British in watchmaking. The French are acclaimed to be very good mechanics and even better mechanics. Therefore they excelled in artistic watchmaking. The Industry flourished the art of watch making by making watches in mandolins, jewels and make other works of art.
CYMA watch Sealord Swiss ETA Co. movement CL328-B Ladies

Then Switzerland became a country of exquisite watchmkaing while the British were making accurate but bulky watches called bulldog and the French were only interested in making elaborate watches the Swiss had learnt the technique of manufacturing exquisite watches which which endeared as objects of art for the wealthy. The cities of Geneva and
Neutachel have their own industries of watchmaking. Each has a different style in the making. The Swiss dominated the world in the manufacture of exquisite watches and they have held that position for long. Even today Swiss watches are adored for their quality and elegance which modern day watches do not possess.

About Cyma
Switzerland is a land of valleys and watches. In a quiet valley in Jura Mountains, Switzerland is situated one of the world's most popular and respected watch factories - CYMA. The industry is situated in Le Locle With unparalleled state-of-the-art technology and impeccable design the artisans have been making watches since 1862.

After manufacture and sale of almost 40 million timepieces, Cyma is continuing to be the watch of choice for the discerning and the stylish. The clientele of Cyma ranges from royalty to rich and famous in Europe, America and Asia. Each timepiece gives scientifically precise time and is more than that a work of art.
CYMA watches Swiss made movement CL338-A Ladies

Cyma was making watches of intricate repeater movements in 1891, the extra slim movement was introduced in 1903 which won the ChronometerCertificate from the Neuchatel Observatory.

Legendary Quality
The quality of CYMA watches is renowned world over. They are manufactured with great precision using the finiest material to exacting tolerances for reliability and accuracy. All the models are backed by a two year international warranty.

Selective Distribution
The watches are sold in five major continents of the world. United states the watches are sold only by jewelers of repute.

Unparalleled Value
Every Cyma watch is intelligently price which means the watches are the best value for the price. The distribution is very limited thereby selling to a select few customers, the heavy costs of advertising and overhead costs are absorbed due to this strategy.
The American Gem's Society's privileged member, Cyma is recognized throughout the jewellery industry also.
Watches are not only available in Switzerland it is now available even in United States. There are more than 800 jewelers who represent the Cyma line. The watches are a preference of the discriminating American who would prefer not to wear the watch everyone else is wearing.
Europeans on the other hand prefer Cyma for their legendary quality and prestige associated with the timepiece.
European and American customer prefer Cyma watches for their legendary quality and also for the prestige associated with owning this timepiece. The designs are known for their ultra thin quartz, versatility, reliability and comfort. Backed by the two year international warranty offered for the best of any major brand.
The variety of Cyma Watches for men and women from 400 models. The thrill and pleasure of owing a Cyma watch cannot be described in words. So why don't you buy one today.

EG2344-51A Silhouette Citizen Ladies Watch Review Top-Selling Ladies Watch from the Citizen Eco-Drive Line

EG2344-51A Silhouette Citizen Ladies Watch Review
Top-Selling Ladies Watch from the Citizen Eco-Drive Line
                The EG2344-51A Silhouette Citizen Ladies Watch is not only one of the top five best-selling watches from the Citizen Eco-Drive line for women, but is one of the best-selling watches for women - period.

      Before making an investment in a ladies watch however, it's always a good idea to check out the facts. Here is some information on this watch, including reviews, features and retail vs. discount pricing:
      Reviews information for the EG2344-51A Silhouette Citizen Ladies Watch: Out of five reviews that I saw for this ladies watch, all of them rated the watch at 5 stars. The highlights of these reviews include:

  • The looks - elegant, professional and stylish, and receiving plenty of compliments.
  • Ability to go with any type of dress (casual to professional to formal).
  • Secure - the clasp keeps the watch in place on the wrist without risk of it falling off and getting lost.
  • Reliable - this is a common theme for every review submitted. The watch last and lasts with it's Eco-Drive technology - never needing maintenance.
  • Keeps extremely accurate time.

Feature Highlights for the EG2344-51A Silhouette Citizen Ladies Watch:

  • Slender (10 millimeter band, case thickness of 7 millimeters)
  • Gold and silver two-tone that sets the watch off without subtracting from it's simple and elegant look.
  • Stainless steel material
  • Rectangular dial with white background
  • Water-resistant to rain and splashes
  • 5 Year Manufacturer's Warrantee
  • Citizen Eco-Drive technology - the watch battery is charged by natural or artificial light, never requiring a battery replacement

EG2344-51A Silhouette Citizen Ladies Watch Pricing Information:
Retail cost for the watch is around $215.00 - $230.00, which is what you should expect to pay from a jeweler or dealer. By doing some checking around, I was able to find the EG2344-51A for a discount from some online secure and reputable resources - at this writing it can be purchased for around $80.00 less from (provides free shipping and hassle-free returns) and
Overall Review and Recommendation: For those who are interested in purchasing a "workhorse" watch that is famous for it's lasting power as well as it's elegant looks, the EG2344-51A Silhouette Citizen Ladies Watch is a winner and gets a most definite "thumbs up".

Protection for Your Luxury Watches

If you want to buy luxury watches, or are thinking of buying one, then you need to know that protection of your watch will be vital, and this is more so the case for more expensive watches. These luxury watches, especially when they are made by brands such as Cartier and Gucci are well sought after, and admired by many, so the more protection you have over your watch, the less likely the chances are of you having it stolen.

First of all, many people only choose to wear their luxury watches at special occasions or to work. It is probably not the best idea to wear it if you are just popping out for fast food late at night, unless you want to be mugged for the sake of your watch, so only wear it in places you know you are going to be safe. These luxury watches cost a lot of money, and will be worth a lot of money should they be sold on by thieves.
      Secondly, you may want to work out a place to keep your watch, while you are not wearing it. This would apply more to homes in less than desirable areas, and if you have a tendency to be burgled a lot. A safe would be the best option here, depending on your budget, or a locked box where only you have the key. Should you then be burgled, the watch is less likely to go along with your other property.

If you have luxury watches, it is highly advisable that you get insurance on your watches, in the event of someone stealing it from you. There are many specialist insurance companies that will provide this service for you, and at a very reasonable price, and it gives you great peace of mind, should you ever get it stolen or lose it and damage it in anyway.

Things of high value, and especially luxury wacthes such as those made by Rolex or Cartier, should be insured for the right amount, and a specialist company will have a better knowledge on the best way and price to insure your luxury watches.

Last of all, protection of your watch depends on the way that you treat it. If you throw it about and submerge it in water, the chances are, you are going to break it. Take special care over your luxury watches, especially if you have gone to extremes to protect it in other ways. These watches will lose their value should they become damaged in any way, and any breakages or repairs should be made aware to the insurance companies, if you have insurance on them.

Taking care of your luxury watches does not have to be difficult, unless you make it this way. Take the time to care for them and protect them, and you and your luxury watches will have a healthy and long future relationship!

Ideeas from Tonya Brisnehan and Kip Willington. 

Luxury watches, Cyma Watches, Ladies Watch Review and Protection for Your Luxury Watches
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Luxury watches, Cyma Watches, Ladies Watch Review and Protection for Your Luxury Watches Adriana Esmerald 5 of 5
Cyma Watches: History & Tradition of Fine Watches T he history of watches or timekeeping has a long history, dating back...

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