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The Business of Fashion: Not Owning Your Name

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The Business of Fashion: Not Owning Your Name

When I decided to study fashion design, I was never presented with the notion that I may have to sell my designer name. When lessons arose concerning the business side of fashion all talk was about brand image and recognition using well-known fashion designers as the example. As a designer or design student, you know top fashion brands like Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Emanuel Ungaro and a few other major designer names. However, did you know that these designers do not own their name/brand?

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Owning a Label is Expensive
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of fashion designers worldwide who work for design houses, own design houses or work as freelance designers. Those who become famous and start their own fashion lines have to keep in the back of their minds the possibility of selling their name. It sounds kind of crazy that a person would sell their name, however, running a design house that produces multiple lines and presents several times a year is very costly. Unless the designer is independently wealthy where he or she can use their own capital to fund the business when sales and operating costs become too much, then a financial backer is often needed. However, a financier not only is seeking to invest in a designer's brand...they often are taking ownership of it along with that designer's name.

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The Benefit of Selling Your Name
Holding companies like LVMH (Moet Hennessy-Louis Vuitton), PPR (Pinault-Printemps-Redoute) and the apparel company Phillips Van Heusen (PVH) own well-known designer brands. Some specialize in simply fashion like PVH while others have pretty much cornered the market on luxury brands like LVMH. The benefits to fashion designers who sell their brand -- their name -- to these companies is primarily the abundant cash flow that allows them to have their name on multiple clothing lines, fragrances, accessories and a few luxury goods. 

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On their own, with their own income, very few design houses or designers can afford to continually produce such a broad spectrum of goods even if they are making a sizable profit. This does not mean it is impossible. Chanel and Armani are design houses who have full control over their brand and multiple product lines and are courted by buyers seeking a piece of their fashion design pie.

Donna Karan Hosiery Luxe Opaque Bodystocking

The Downside of Selling Your Name
Obviously not owning your name would be the major downside to selling it. However, the trickle-down effect of this runs deeper.
-          You don't have control over what your name is attached to. If you are still active within your brand, you will have some input. Ultimately, you do not make the final call.
-          You can be fired. Unless you have a contract with the company which stipulates that you will be head designer or creative director over your brand until your decide to retire, then you can be replaced. Look at the misfortune John Galliano brought upon himself in February 2011. Christian Dior owns John Galliano's brand and was fired on March 1, 2011.
-          If fired, retired or your brand is dissolved, you lose the right to design under your name. One of the pitfalls for Galliano when he was fired, was he lost the right to design clothing under his name. Christian Lacroix's brand was diminished to licensing for fragrances and accessories. While the designer himself still creates fashion costume, he cannot design under his name anymore.

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Designers and the Companies That Own Their Names
Here are a few designers - both alive and deceased - who no longer own their brand/name:
-          Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Emilio Pucci and Givenchy are all owned by LVMH.
-          PPR owns Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Stella McCartney and Balenciaga.
-          Calvin Klein - sans Calvin Klein the founder who is still alive - and Tommy Hilfiger are owned by PVH.

As a designer or design student, you may have dreams of becoming the next Donna Karan, Alexander McQueen or Marc Jacobs. Just remember that each of these designers sold their brand, their name, to be able to create the fashion they - and you -- love. However, take into consideration the pros and cons of selling your brand. In essence, the choice is between, "Do you want to own your brand or be an employee of it?", concluded the article’s author ShawnTe Pierce, 

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            This article it’s about:
·                                 Galliano
·                                 John Galliano
·                                 Christian Lacroix
                                  Calvin Klein 
                                  Donna Karan 
                                  Tommy Hilfiger
·                                 Emilio Pucci 
                                  Emanuel Ungaro

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The Business of Fashion: Not Owning Your Name W hen I decided to study fashion design, I was never presented with the notion that I may...

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How to Start Your Own Sewing Business And Fill a Wide Open Niche!

The Sewing Book: An Encyclopedic Resource of 

Step-by-Step Techniques 

With the economy and rising prices, most everyone is looking for a way to make some extra cash nowadays. Some people who are frustrated with "lining other people's pockets" yearn to start their own business. While others who have been "downsized" or laid off are searching for a job period.

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Of course, the most successful businesses fill a niche. That is, they provide a particular product or service that customers want or need. My friend Becky found a money-making niche when she started her own sewing business. Becky started out by sewing clothing for her daughters and herself. She also repaired their clothes and fixed and patched her husband's attire. Her husband worked a full-time job, but Becky found their finances strained, especially when he was laid off.

Singer Vintage Sewing Basket with Sewing Kit Accessories

So, she put the word out to her family and friends that she was now doing sewing repairs and alterations for hire. Did the work come? You bet it did! She was immediately hired to replace broken zippers, hem up pants, skirts, and dresses, sew up holes in pockets, reattach buttons and snaps, and more. Because Jean is a skeptic, she wondered if her business would amount to much. To her amazement, she got more and more work just by "word of mouth" advertising.
I wasn't surprised by her success. In a world where both the husband and wife have to work full-time jobs just to make ends meet, who has time to make needed repairs on the family's clothing? And if one has the time, not all women have the ability to sew.

Singer Sew Essentials Storage System, 165 Pieces

As Jean's business took off, I advised her, as a business owner myself, to give her company a name and apply for a business license. She also needed to find out if her workplace had to be zoned for business. As for the bookkeeping and tax ends of her business, Jean took my advice. She opted to let an accountant handle all that for her.
I f you're handy when it comes to sewing, and you're looking to earn some extra cash, you can start your own business right out of your home as well. The start-up costs are minimal, especially if you already own a sewing machine and some basic supplies. Don't worry if you don't have a sewing machine. You can pick up a good-used model for a couple hundred bucks. Check the classified section of your local newspaper. Or, check out some of the online auctions to see what you can find there.

Sewing: Everyday Sewing. Save Money by Doing your own Repairs and Basic Alterations (Sewing for Beginners, How to Sew, Stitches, Fix, Rips, Tears) 

[Kindle Edition]

You'll have to set up a price list and an hourly rate right from the start. You can charge a fixed amount for zippers - X amount per inch is the usual cost- and other repairs. But you'll need to establish an hourly rate for large jobs like sewing a wedding dress, etcetera.
You may choose to take on all types of sewing jobs like Jean did, or, you may decide to specialize in one or two areas. For example, instead of doing repairs, you may choose to make clothes for your customers. Maybe you'll decide to focus on sewing wedding dresses. Or maybe you prefer to make kids' clothing. Since you're the boss of your own business, the choice is yours!

BurdaStyle Modern Sewing - Wardrobe Essentials Hardcover 

Although sewing clothing is where the big money is at, you may also choose to make curtains, decorative pillows, cloth dolls, and other items using your sewing machine.
To help your fledgling business gain customers, besides using the "word of mouth" method of advertising, you can also use another type of free advertising. Start out by composing an ad on your computer. Then, print several copies out. Tack these ads up on bulletin boards at your post office, local grocery store, Laundromat, fabric stores, at styling salons, and anywhere else you can find!

Sewing in No Time: 50 Step-by-step Weekend Projects Made Easy

You can also print up your own business cards on your computer and distribute them to the public as well. Kassidy Emmerson.

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The Sewing Book: An Encyclopedic Resource of   Step-by-Step Techniques   W ith the economy and rising prices, most everyone is loo...

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The Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone

Apple iPhone 4 16GB (White) - Verizon

If you are a parent and you have given your child an iPhone, you've no doubt worried about their safety. Whether you worry about who their talking with or what they have been browsing on the Internet, there's plenty to be concerned about.
However, with the right apps you can worry a whole lot less.
There are plenty of apps available for the iPhone that can help you monitor your child's activity and even limit them from using their iPhones during certain hours or to keep them from viewing unwanted websites.
In this article, I will list the four best parental control apps for iPhone.

Mobicip Safe Browser 

If you want a safe web browser for your child to use that will give you control over what they can and cannot see on the Internet then Mobicip's Safe Browser is a great choice.
Mobicip Safe Browser has a plethora of handy features you can take advantage of. You can filter certain YouTube videos from showing, monitor your child's web browsing history remotely, create your own Internet filter, and much more.
Best of all, Mobicip Safe Browser is designed to behave as similar to Safari as possible, this way your child still has access to a full-featured web browser instead of a watered down one that so many other safe web browsers offer.

AVG Family Safety 

You may have already heard of AVG from some of their other products such as their anti-virus software. AVG Family Safety is their foray into iPhone parental controls.
With AVG Family Safety you can easily view your child's web browser history, block certain social networking sites or block social networking altogether, create a custom list of blocked websites, and even monitor the internet usage for multiple users on the same iPhone.

Norton Family 

Norton Family is a companion app for parents that already have a Norton Family account, giving you more control over your child's iPhone.
The Norton Family companion app will allow you to block websites, view your child's browsing history, view any information your child shares online, see what your child is searching for online, and it will even send you alerts when your child does something they're not supposed to.


While the previous apps have focused on keeping your child safe from online threats and monitoring web browser usage, AppCertain will give you more control of the apps your child uses.

AppCertain will let you see what apps your child installs by sending you a report of each app to your email, and allows you to block access to certain ones. There is also a "curfew mode" makes it so your child doesn't have access to any non-essential iPhone apps, fundamentally blocking access to 3rd-party apps. Thanks to Marie Williams for the ideeas! 
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Apple iPhone 4 16GB (White) - Verizon I f you are a parent and you have given your child an iPhone, you've no doubt worried abo...

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Tips for Reducing the Energy Used by a Clothes Dryer


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Save Energy when Using Your Clothes Dryer
      Here are some easy to use tips for reducing the energy used by a clothes dryer. Whether your dryer is electric or gas, there are things that you can do to make certain that the dryer is running as efficiently as possible.

              Use Sensor Settings

To avoid running the dryer unnecessarily, use your dryer on the moisture sensor setting which will stop the dryer when the clothes are dry. Using a timed setting can result in the dryer running after the clothes are dry which will result in a higher energy bill due to the additional dryer running time.

Clean Lint Filter

The simplest step to make certain that you dryer is running efficiently is to clean the lint filter before each use. Failing to clean the filter will restrict air movement through the dryer, causing the dryer to take longer to dry the clothes and using more energy.If the lint filter is damaged, replace the filter with an appropriate replacement. Failing to replace a defective filter will result in a large amount of lint going into the vent hose which can cause clogs. These clogs will not only cause the dryer to work inefficiently and increase your energy bill, but the clogs can cause a fire hazard.

Clean Lint Trap

At least once a month, use a brush and / or a vacuum to remove excess line in the lint trap. Use a soft brush to clean the lint filter at this time as well. Small amounts of lint and dryer sheet residue will buildup on the filter over time, restricting air flow and causing the filter to clog with lint more quickly.

Check the Hose

The dryer vents the air from the dryer to the outside of your home through a hose. This hose can become clogged or crushed restricting air flow. To maximize the energy efficiency of your dryer, make certain that the hose is in good condition and periodically remove the hose and clean it free of lint. Check the vent of the outside of your home to remove accumulated lint which can also restrict air movement from the dryer.

Skip the Dryer

Whenever practical, air drying clothes on a line is the best way to dry clothes from an energy perspective. Clothes line is inexpensive and can be purchased at hardware stores and other retailers. Lines can be placed inside or outside to dry clothes. J. Motes
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Bonus Package Panda Small Mini Portable Compact  Washer Washing Machine 5.5lbs Capacity Save Energy when Using Your Clothes Dryer...

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Tide To Go Stain Remover For Coloured Clothes

              Tide To Go is a great product for on-the-go stains in your daily life. Any busy mom will love tucking the Tide To Go laundry pen in her purse. Not only will TideTo Go work on those spatters of ketchup from the fry your preschooler was wielding like a magic wand, but it'll work on your own dribbles from salsa and sodas.

How to use Tide To Go?
Follow the instructions. Press the pen in to release some of the product onto the stain. Rub Tide To Go into the stain to make it work. Depending on the stain, the mark should lighten or completely disappear.

Where can I find Tide To Go?
You can find the Tide To go laundry pen in the laundry detergent section of your grocery store or discount chain store such as Target or Wal-Mart. You also may be able to find it in quickie-marts at gas stations.

How much does Tide To Go Cost?
The laundry pen costs a few dollars and is very affordable. Consider buying the Tide To Go laundry pen for each purse, one for your car and one for your desk at work.

What I like about Tide To Go:
Surprisingly, it actually works on most stains, if you get to them quickly. Salsa, ketchup, soda and creamy salad dressings disappear quickly.
Tide To Go is about the size of a pen, so it fits easily into a purse, glove compartment and desk drawer.
It's safe to use on kid's clothes. However, it is an eye irritant and should be kept out of the reach of children.
The top fits snugly, so the product shouldn't leak all over your purse.
It works almost every color-fast fabric, including dry cleanable fabrics.

            What I don't like about Tide To Go:
It leaves a big wet spot until it dries. And unlike the commercials, waving a piece of paper at it will not cause it to dry; it takes about ten to fifteen minutes to dry.
Tide To Go doesn't work on everything, particularly grease stains. However, it does lighten these stains, so you might be able to fake having stain-free clothes.
It doesn't work as well on stains that are a couple of hours old. You have to get to the stains fast for Tide To Go work.

            Overall Recommendation of Tide To Go:

            This is a great product for quick, on the go stains. The size of the pen makes it great for carrying every where you go. Credits for this recomendations go to Teri Halvorsen.
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               Tide To Go is a great product for on-the-go stains in your daily life. Any busy mom will love tucking the Tide To Go laund...

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Free Toddler Dress Knitting Patterns

Amoin Kids Toddlers Girls Princess Party Flower Solid Lace Formal Dress     

Knitting Patterns for Toddler Dresses

Knitting items for your loved ones is a great way to give really personalized and cute gifts. There are many things you can knit besides just a scarf. Here are some free toddler dress knitting patterns that you are sure to enjoy making.

Palarn Lovely Toddler Baby Girls Long Sleeve Knitted Bow Tutu Princess Dress

Free Toddler Dress Knitting Pattern #1- Abbey Child's Dress

This dress is a simple little dress that is almost smock like. The little pockets on the front and flowers by the neckline really make it adorable. This skill level for this free knitting pattern is intermediate, but if you are a brave beginner you can give it a try. The directions are very detailed and should be pretty easy to follow.

Xiting Girls Dress, 2017 Hot Sale Autumn Winter Toddler Kids Knitted Sweater Dresses

Free Toddler Dress Knitting Pattern #2- Baby/Toddler Sweater Dress

This dress will make you want to walk away from your computer and pick up your needles immediately. The best part is that that pattern looks pretty easy to follow. You could do a few of these in different colors and your little one will want to wear this cute little dress every day.
The pattern is available to be downloaded for free in a PDF file which is an added bonus. There is a cute picture for you to see what this little sweater dress will look like.

Goodlock Kids Baby Girl Dress Letter Knitting Long Sleeve Casual Dresses

Free Toddler Dress Knitting Pattern #3- Bliss Dress

I can already see my little one wearing this cute little dress at Easter. There are great pictures that zoom in on the different parts of the dress so you can really see what it will look like when completed. The directions for this knitting pattern are very detailed and should be pretty easy to follow.
Comfybuy Baby Teen Girls Christmas Knitted Sweater Princess Dress Long Sleeve with Hat

Free Toddler Dress Knitting Pattern #4- Elenka Summer Dress

Summer dresses are really fun for little girls to wear and enjoy and this little knitted dress would be really cute for a photo shoot or for a day at the park. This dress is made by using circular needles so you don't have to worry about too many seams.
The only seams are on the shoulders. It should be pretty easy to adjust the size of this dress since there are so few seams. There are a few lovely pictures for you to see how this dress will look when you are finished with it.
Leegor Girls Sailor Collar Stripe Sweater Knitting Long Sleeve Knee-Length Dress

Free Toddler Dress Knitting Pattern #5- Knitted Kid's Dress

I can already see my daughter wearing this dress with some cute little tights under it. The directions say that you can knit this dress in 60 minutes; of course you might want to add some time to that if you will also be chasing your little one around while trying to knit.
The directions for this free knitting pattern are very detailed and explained very well. It does not say what the skill level for this pattern is, but it appears to be intermediate.
These are five free toddler dress knitting patterns that will be fun to make and have your little one dressed in style. You could even knit matching dresses for sisters. Ellen Burford 

Witspace Baby Girls Knitted Sweater Pullovers Tops+Short Skirt/Dress Toddler Kids Outfit Clothes Set

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            Knitting Patterns for Toddler Dresses K nitting items for your loved ones is a great way to give really personalized an...

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Top Online Sources for Discount China

Who doesn't love a beautiful set of China? It's just that the prices are normally a lot higher than what one would prefer to pay. Well now there are several top online sources for discount china. Some of the top lines including Lenox, Oneida, Gorham, Waterford and more are available are many of the top online sources for discount China.

AWHOME Coffee Mug and Lid and Spoon 11.5 OZ Royal Fine Bone China Light Blue Tea Cups Gift for Women Mom and Teachers Gift Box

If you are a lover of fine China, but don't want to pay retail for it, there are several top online sources for discount china. One such source is Place Settings.com who carries a large selection of high-end china. Offering such names as Lenox, Picard, Royal Doulton, Vera Wang, Villeroy & Boch, and even Blue Italian by Spode. Pretty much any brand you might be interested in is available on Place Settings.com at an excellent discounted rate. The online store offers promotional specials, and for customer convenience offers silver and crystal as well. In addition to their wonderful selection, promotions, and discount prices, they also offer a bridal registry service. For more information on one of the top online sources for discount china visit the Web site for PlaceSettings.com today.

Floral Pageant Deluxe Porcelain Tea Set

The nest of the top online sources for discount china is American Discount China.com offering top of the line fine china, and ceramic ware. American Discount has an impressive selection of fine Bone China in exquisite designs such as Empress and Coral (visit the Web site) that truly express the meaning of "presentation is everything," in Culinary Arts. It's hard to go wrong with the China offered on this site. Excellent discounts are offered and in addition they offer tips on china care for those who are not used to caring for their own china. For really unique pieces they offer a selection of samples, custom designs, specialty items as well as a link to their specials. For more information on one of the top online sources for discount china visit the Web site for AmericanDiscountChina.com today.

Gracie China Blue Rose Chintz 11-Piece Tea Service, 4-Cup Teapot Sugar Creamer and Four 7-Ounce Cups and Saucers

Dinner Ware Depot is the next of the top online sources for china offering excellent discounts on beautiful high-end china. Choose from lines such as Portmeirion, Tracy Porter, Wedgwood, Lenox, Versace, Spode and more. You will have many choices for formal china, casual china, and other dinnerware as well. Dinner Ware Depot is a very versatile site offering nice giftware, glassware, flatware and more. Most importantly their wide selection, and many brands of the finest china available at an excellent price is what makes them one of the top online sources for china. For more information visit the Web site today for DinnerWareDepot.com. Thanks to Lola Inez for these ideeas.
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W ho doesn't love a beautiful set of China? It's just that the prices are normally a lot higher than what one would prefer to ...

Interview Mistakes: Think Positive for that First Impression

Interview  women clothes

Avoid making these mistakes at an interview:

*Always be prepared, get plenty of rest.... because you don't want to show the employer a lack of interest while sitting there, you don't want to just seem perky, but look energetic.

Calvin Klein Women's Petite Size Blazer

*Be aware of what the employer would expect by showing up on time and arrive at least (15) minutes prior your appointed interview, should you need to gasp a breathe or give a greeting to the reception.

WuhouPro Womens Button Down Long Sleeve Knit Cardigan Sweater

*Carry on your best of gathered information about the place your seeking employment and certainly your most updated resume. (a couple of copies of your resume' printed out with a cover letter for show)

Le Suit Women's Two Tone Melange 3 Button Skirt Suit (2)

*Do greet the employer with a hand shake and look focused.

KOH KOH Womens Cape Long Sleeve Round Neck Cocktail with Leather Belt Mini Dress

*Pertain to questions that give the employer and idea just who he/she is about to hire.(by not leading that person to speak of all the criteria of the placement).
*Leave the office with a smile say, "Thank-You"... for your time and I look forward to meeting with you again".(this gives the employer something to think about should you be a better candidate compared to your competition).

HyBrid & Company Womens Casual Work Office Open Front Blazer Jacket Made in USA

* Looks are important as well as apparel, so wear that professional appeal (business suit of a jacket, pants and a tie, also skirts/dresses for ladies and not just as if you are going out to waste time and effort). Cyndys Cozy Corner

WYMBS Women's Vocational set suit set is loaded interview clothing suit

Kasper Women's Plus Size 2 Button Jacket       HyBrid & Company Womens Casual Work Office Blazer Jacket Made in USA   
Interview Mistakes: Think Positive for that First Impression Adriana Esmerald 5 of 5
Avoid making these mistakes at an interview: NOT LOOKING YOUR BEST *Always be prepared, get plenty of rest.... because you don'...

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Mini-Guide for Girls: How to Buy an Used Laptop

used laptops

Looking to pick up a new laptop? Not wanting to spend a small fortune on said laptop? If this is the case, you may consider picking up a pre-owned laptop instead of plunking down a ton of cash for a brand new one. Not unlike automobiles, laptop computers depreciate quickly after being purchased. If you're willing to accept a little risk in buying used and don't need the very latest in performance, buying a used laptop can be a great way to grab a fantastic deal. Interested? Here are some tips to help you snag that spectacular deal!

Apple MacBook Air MD711LL/B 11.6-Inch Laptop (4GB RAM, 128 GB HDD,OS X Mavericks) (Certified Refurbished)

For what will you be using the laptop?

This is very important. Knowing what you'll be using the laptop for can help you determine how much you'll need to spend. If you don't know what you'll be needing the laptop for, you won't be able to save any money in the purchase. Try to be honest with yourself about what you'll be doing with this computer. If you just need something to check your e-mail, write and browse the internet, then obviously you won't be needing the most powerful machine available. However, if you'll be needing to use the laptop for more high end graphics rendering and development, then it'd be wise to spring for something more powerful.

TOP CASE - 2 in 1 Bundle Deal Air 11-Inch Rubberized Hard Case Cover and Rose Quartz Keyboard Cover for Macbook Air 11" (A1370 and A1465) with TopCase Mouse Pad - Rose Quartz

Learn the prices.

Now that you've determined what you'll be doing with this laptop, it's time to learn about the pricing. Start by looking at particular models. Take note of what features are generally available at the various price points. After studying the prices for a bit, you'll get a more informed idea of what to expect, and thus be able to more readily recognize a bargain. By putting in some time and a little work, you'll end up saving in the end.

Use the internet to your advantage.

To many this may seem an obvious point. Make sure to exploit every resource available to you online. Ebay, craigslist and countless other wholesale and used electronics outlets are available to explore on the internet. The more of these you check out, the better your chances of finding that great money saving deal.

Dell Latitude E6420 14 LED Notebook Intel Core i5 i5-2520M 2.50 GHz 4GB DDR3 320GB HDD DVD-Writer Intel HD 3000 Graphics Bluetooth

Consider upgrading.

Let's say you've found what looks like an incredible deal on a laptop, but there's one key component missing. In such a case, you should consider the cost of upgrading that component into the final cost. Oftentimes, even with this upgrade, the deal remains a steal, and you still save alot of money. You'll find that often an upgrade isn't nearly as expensive as you might have expected.

Quality, quality, quality.

Buying a quality item is important in many purchasing decisions you'll make, and it remains equally important when buying a used laptop. Quality laptops last longer, encounter fewer problems throughout their useful lifespan, and generally cause less hassles than bargain basement junk. Spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a laptop can be risky, used or new, so making sure you're purchasing a quality piece of equipment helps to mitigate this risk. Research the brands and models you're considering by reading customer reviews and reviews written by professionals in the field. The time you take to make sure you're purchasing quality will pay off big dividends in the end.

LandingZone DOCK 15" Secure Docking Station for MacBook Pro with Retina Display Model A1398 Released 2012 to 2015
Good luck in your pursuit of a deal on a used laptop. With these hints and tips in hand, and a little time and legwork, you'll come out with a quality laptop to meet your needs and will have saved a bit of hard earned money in the process. Johnny Eye.
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L ooking to pick up a new laptop? Not wanting to spend a small fortune on said laptop? If this is the case, you may consider picking up...