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A List of Fashion Dos and Don’ts - Fashion is simply about knowing the little ins and outs…or is it?

A List of Fashion Dos and Don’ts

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Fashion is simply about knowing the little ins and outs…or is it?

Fashion: The Definitive History of Costume and StyleFor some, style comes naturally. But for others, it often takes a little work. Let us lend a helping hand. With this clever list of fashion dos and don'ts, you will be topping the best-dressed list in no time - that's guaranteed.


·        Step out in something daring - Cut yourself loose from the red tape, and shop for something more beautiful, more exciting and even, more dangerous than usual. Try on a bright blouse, an embellished jacket or chance shiny statement lips.

·        Break the "rules" - Let's face it, fashion would have perished ages ago had visionaries like Elsa Schiaparelli, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, Christian Dior and AlexanderMcQueen never hit the scene. Now it's your turn. Mix prints and patterns; even metals. Do the undefined.

·        Embellish lightly - Fair accessories say more than too many. Choose a bold necklace, classic pearl earrings or a sparkling diamond bracelet for your ensemble…but of course, not all at once. Remember, it's the little things that matter.

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·        Hunt for vintage treasures - Sure, thrift stores, second-hand shops and consignment boutiques are all the rage nowadays, but the real adventure is found deep inside Grandma's closet. Search the rubble with an open mind, and re-invent the unthinkable from broaches and overalls to hats and nightgowns.

·        Splurge on quality pieces - There is nothing quite as elegant as the iconic "Grace Kelly" Hermes Birkin bag or a pair of pointy Manolo Blahniks. These pieces not only put a capital C on chic, but can be worn in your 30's, your 50's; even your 60's. Think eternally.


·        Forget your LWD - Move on over LBD. Appreciate a crisp little white dress for once as you transition seamlessly from the desk to dinner.

·        Lose yourself in trends - What's hot today could be left out on the stoop tomorrow. If there is a trend you truly find yourself drawn to, own it. Otherwise, leave it for the conformists.

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·        Select quantity over quality - It might seem tempting, but try your best to stray from buying synthetic fibers in bulk. Being able to recognize quality fabric can make all the difference and you'll never want to turn back. Keep a luxurious chunky wool sweater or a sleek satin dress on tap.
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·        Forget to dress right for your body type - Nothing looks worse than a woman who is out of touch with her body. Work with what you have and find ways to flaunt your assets, but never feel forced to fit into a mold.

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The Little Dictionary of Fashion: A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman ·        Get too matchy-matchy - We've all seen it - the woman who pairs pink earrings, pink heels, a pink bag - the whole enchilada - right in line with her oh-so-pink dress. Don't do it. Compliment colors; don't drown yourself in one.

Thanks to this article by Rose Reyes.

A List of Fashion Dos and Don’ts
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A List of Fashion Dos and Don’ts - Fashion is simply about knowing the little ins and outs…or is it? Adriana Esmerald 5 of 5
A List of Fashion Dos and Don’ts Fashion is simply about knowing the little ins and outs…or is it? For some, style comes naturall...

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