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The Lost Wedding Ring Story

My Wedding Ring Has More Lives Than a Cat!

     I finally found a pretty setting with two oval diamonds on each side. They were twice as big as my first ring! When the jeweler started setting in diamonds my friend kept saying, "A little bigger one please." I finally said, "Okay, that's big enough for me and I'm sure it's going to cost a fortune." Frank just grunted. Two weeks later I had my new wedding ring.

     I proudly wore my new diamond for about 8 months when one night as I was getting ready for bed I took it off and had it in my hand. Just as I went to flush the toilet I dropped my ring. I started screaming as it was being flushed away. By the time Frank got into the bathroom I was screaming and sobbing. At first he was relieved to find out that I wasn't mortally wounded. He then said there wasn't much he could do about it so we should just go to bed.
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     I got up early and asked the kids not to use any water in the house just in case we could find my ring somewhere. Of course Frank said if I was just going to flush my ring down the toilet that we might just as well use the water as it was gone anyway. After an hour of crying he finally gave in and took the toilet off to look in the drain. No ring anywhere. More sobbing. "It's in the septic tank now," was all he would say. I headed downstairs as I knew the drain pipe was in the cellar and maybe we could take it apart. He followed mumbling a few choice words.

     When we finally got the main drain taken apart I shined a flashlight into the drain and sure enough, I could see a shiny diamond a few feet down. Using a wire coat hanger we fished it out. Oh, the luck.
     Years went by and I gained a few pounds. Well, more than a few and my ring didn't fit comfortably on my ring finger anymore. So, I started wearing it on my little finger but it was a little loose. One day at work a co-worker came up the stairs and was holding my ring. She had found it at the bottom of the stairs! It had slipped off of my finger and I didn't even know it! Again, luck.

     The next year I was the director of the local rodeo queen pageant and had to be out at the rodeo grounds every night for the War Bonnet Round Up. Thousands of people attend this rodeo each year. One night my ring was feeling loose on my little finger so I slipped it off and into my pocket. When I got home at midnight my ring was missing. I was sick but didn't dare tell Frank.
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     The next day, my daughter and I went back to the rodeo grounds before the rodeo and walked around trying to find the ring. I was pretty sure it probably fell out of my jeans pocket when I got my car keys out but couldn't find it in that area. We then walked through all of the places I had been the following night. No one had turned a ring into lost and found either. I searched throughout the evening and again, went home sick.
     The next night was the last night of the rodeo. I again parked in the same area and went searching and looking. I'm sure people thought I was looking for my marbles the way I was acting! That night as hundreds of vehicles were leaving I had a rodeo wrap-up meeting and was late in getting away. 

     The search and rescue teams were hanging around waiting for everyone to leave. I asked if any of them had had a ring turned in A few of them asked where I thought I had lost it and said they would be glad to help me look. The grabbed their flashlights and fanned out in the grassy area where I had parked. Again, a shiny diamond was spotted! I was giving hugs to everyone while shedding a few tears.

     About a year later I couldn't find my ring once more. I searched everywhere I might I have left it. Weeks went by and one day as I was looking through my large briefcase bag I found it in the bottom. It must have slipped off while I rummaging around. I was so happy to find it once more. I called my daughter, as she was the only one I had confessed my fears too, and she told me to get it re-sized. I didn't.

0.32 Carat (ctw) 14K Gold Diamond Ladies Bridal Anniversary Wedding Stackable Band 1/3 CT     A few months later I couldn't find my ring. Not again! I looked through the ring section of my jewelry stand, where I always put it at night, and it wasn't there. A new search. This time I first checked all of my bags and purses thinking it might have slipped off once again. Nothing. Again, I had a really sick feeling thinking this had to be the last time I could lose it. Several months went by and still no ring. I even contemplated calling my insurance. And then one day I was looking for a pair of earrings I hadn't worn in a while in my huge jewelry stand and there was my ring! It was with several pairs of gold earrings and I just hadn't seen it. This time I put it in a proper place vowing to get it re-sized so I could wear it again.

     Then a miracle happened. I lost about 35 pounds and my ring was able to slip onto my ring finger once more. I could wear it safely. Knock on wood.

History of the Diamond Engagement Ring: Why Diamonds Became the Standard

     I often wonder how traditions start, their origin, meaning and why they last for as long as some do. The diamond has been one of the most valuable stones throughout history and has had symbolic meaning for quite awhile. The first thing that may come to your mind is engagement, in recent history the diamond has been used as a symbol of love, devotion, passion, commitment and wealth. 

     The use of diamonds in engagement rings is a rather new concept. Historically the first recorded diamond engagement ring was given in 1477 worn by Archduke Maximillian of Hamburg and Mary of Burgandy growing the popularity of the stone in engagement rings. Many doubt that they started the trend, but it could be noted that they started the trend among the royal and wealthy at that time. This trend would actually not catch on for hundreds of years.
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     I did a little investigation to find out more about this coveted stone. The beauty, strength, and durability of the diamond have given it a lasting effect in many cultures. Before the diamond was placed on engagement rings it was simply a band braided out of copper to be placed on the fourth finger of the left hand. This tradition was started in the Greek culture, they believed that a vein (vena amorous) runs directly to that finger from the heart. Later on during the middle ages men traditionally wore a betrothal ring suspended from the band in their hats ready to give to their chosen bride. These betrothal rings were usually inscribed with poems or messages until the Victorian era.
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     During the Renaissance the popular ring was called a "gimmel" (twin rings) which consisted of two or three interlocking rings. Each ring went to the bride, the groom and occasionally the third for the witness. Later on, a diamond cluster ring was popular during the time of Luis XVI (1754-1793) and remained popular for 150 years after.

     The heart stone was popular during the 17th and 18th centuries and often accompanied rubies or other gem stones. The rubies signified love and the diamond signified eternity.

Newshe 3pcs 2.5ct Princess White Cz Blue 925 Sterling Silver Wedding Engagement Ring Set Size 5-10     In 1888 The De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd. was founded and during this time the demand for the diamond would rise and fall several times until 1939. At this time the first advertisement for the diamond engagement ring was published which shaped the public opinion on diamond engagement rings. Around the 19th century the Tiffany or solitaire ring was introduced and a while later the princess ring was introduced. 

     The princess ring consisted of three to five diamonds across the top and was popular in the during the 20th century. In 1953 Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell stared in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes performing the famous "Diamonds are a girl's best friend", which sparked the popularity of diamonds for years afterwards. Even today there is a high demand for platinum diamond engagement rings as the ultimate sign of love and engagement; with 78% of all engagement rings sold every year are diamonds engagement rings.
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My Wedding Ring Has More Lives Than a Cat!       I finally found a pretty setting with two oval diamonds on each side. They were twice...

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