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Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids

Kids want to have "the best" Halloween costume ever. Are you up to the task? Whether you don't have a creative bone in your body, or you can sew the best and most elaborate costume ever, sometimes you just don't have time or energy. Here are some costume ideas for kids (and some that could be used by playful adults) that are quick and easy.

A few were hits with my own kids and their friends, while some are ideas I've found in magazines and on the internet. Always think safety when planning your child's costume. You can of course be a quick ghost with the white sheet; a clown; a scarecrow; a hippy; or a nerd, but if you want a little more creativity here ar a few ideas:

1. Clifford the Big Red Dog: One of the cutest and easiest costumes we made for my 6 y.o. and he won a costume contest with it. Find a red turtleneck or sweatshirt and (harder to find) red sweat pants. Cut long floppy dog ears out of red felt, bobby pin to hair on each side of the head. Add red face paint and a black painted nose, black eyeliner whiskers and you have Clifford! You could also do Blue from Blue's Clues or Magenta, take a look at a picture of those two to place felt cutouts for their spots. No sewing involved, just safety pin or fabric glue them on the clothes.

2. Bunch of grapes: Yeah it's been done, but by your kids? Buy green or purple balloons, attach them to a matching color or near matching color outfit, making them thicker on the top of the body and tapering down. Add a brown knit cap, maybe a couple of brown felt cutout leaves and you have a bunch of grapes. When using latex balloons this idea is better for a child who is old enough not to try to take a bite out of a balloon (choking hazard).

3. Be a road: Wear all black or all gray (black for an asphalt highway, gray for concrete) and cut out felt long rectangle strips to be glued on to be the dotted line on a road. Attach toy cars and road signs onto the outfit. For the bit older and more gruesome you can attach some "road kill" in the form of a stuffed animal or a car crash.

4. Pizza: Cut out a large triangle from cardboard with a rounded large end, cut out a hole for the face.. Paint the sauce in red then add cutouts from construction paper or other materials that look like your favorite pizza toppings, round brown felt for pepperoni; green strips for green pepper and attach with glue or hot glue. Top with shredded cheese, beige strips of felt work well. Attach with elastic trips or a belt attached to both sides of the pizza and put around the waist. Stick head through the hole. Carry a pizza bag or carryout box for candy.

5. Laundry basket: Take a cheap round laundry basket and cut a hole in the bottom wide enough your child can fit his or her body into it. Attach clothesline or twine to each side of the basket over both shoulders to hold it on. Put some "dirty" clothes in the basket, draping a couple over the side and maybe a sock over the child's head. You might throw in an empty fabric softener box or detergent bottle.
6. Deviled Egg: Dress in all white. Attach a yellow felt or other fabric circle onto your stomach. Wear devil horns and carry a pitchfork.

7. Magician: Black pants, black long sleeve button down shirt, black cape. Carry a stuffed bunny, a cane, a deck of cards, or some magicians props.

8. Bunny rabbit: Wear all white, gray, or your favorite bunny color. Cut out matching colored floppy ears from felt, with pink felt for the inside of the ears, bobby pin to head. Color the nose pink, maybe some pink cheeks, draw on black whiskers. Stick a bunch of white cotton balls together and attach for a tail. Hop around.

9. Dust bunny: see above costume, carry a feather duster.
How to's:
Bruises: Use dark blue, charcoal/deep gray, and shimmery green eye shadows. Using a make up brush, swirl it in the deep blue and brush onto your skin where you want the bruise. Use a cotton swab or fingertip to smudge on dry dark blue and charcoal. Brush a little green around the edges of the "bruise". Smudge it all together slightly with your fingertip.

Fake blood recipe: Add drops of hot water to 1/2 cup of corn syrup stirring until it is the right consistency. Once the consistency of thick blood, stir in a few drops of dish washing liquid then some drops of red food coloring. The dish soap helps the mixture to wash off more easily. You can add a drop of green food coloring to deepen the shade of the blood. Store in the frig until needed and smear or drip on where you want the blood. (be aware that food coloring can stain clothing.)

Home made face paint: (I have used this recipe, just be careful because food coloring can stain clothing). Mix 1 part corn starch with 1/2 part cold cream and 1/2 part water (ratio might be 1 tsp corn starch to 1/2 tsp cold cream and 1/2 tsp water). Stir together and separate mixture if you've made a larger batch. Add food coloring to each batch to create the color you desire. Washes off with soap and water. Use on a clean dry face, make sure it is really dry. Paint on the face paint with a small brush to create designs, said Kel.

Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids Adriana Esmerald 5 of 5
Kids want to have "the best" Halloween costume ever. Are you up to the task? Whether you don't have a creative bone in your b...

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