Saturday, October 25, 2014

3 Best Dress Trends for the Summer

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     You cannot think about summer without thinking about the cute summer dresses. Some people may say that summer is all about shorts but it's really about flirty, little dresses. They are easy to put on, light and comfortable which makes them perfect for all occasions. While you are doing your summer shopping, these are some of the dresses that you should be looking out for.

3 Best Dress Trends for this summer:

1. Long behind/short front Dress.
This is my absolute favorite dress trend for summer. I love these asymmetrical dresses because they are fun and sassy and definitely different from the norm. Summer is all about making a statement while being fashionable.
I love the casual versions of these dresses because they are great for going to the beach or to the park or for all the other summer time fun activities. I love the Striped Racerback Sailor Dress from Hotties World. It has horizontal stripes in white and grey with fixed chest buttons and a patched pocket.

2. Button Up Dress.
Every girl needs a sleeveless button up dress. These dresses are great because they have the boyfriend's shirt feel and they are extremely comfortable. You do want to get a light weight dress and there are many fashionable sheer options out there. One of my favorites is the Blue Tunic from US Trendy. It's the perfect combination of fun and class which is exactly what you want your summer dresses to be.
This dress also has an asymmetrical hem and it features to breast pockets. You could wear it over your bathing suit if you are going to the beach or you can wear it over a strapless top and some shorts. There are so many options to wearing this dress that you can't go wrong by having it in your closet.

You need to have a maxi dress. Even though it is going to be summer and it will be hot, maxi dresses are a must have in your closet. You want to find light cotton or jersey maxi dresses. They are perfect for day activities that will keep you out until the night time and are even more perfect for night time activities.
I really love this Caslon Racerback Jersey Dress from Nordstrom. It fits loosely and has a drawstring tie which gives it definition. It is easy to wear and just an absolutely perfect dress for summer. Jay Queen.
3 Best Dress Trends for the Summer Adriana Esmerald 5 of 5
Peach Couture® Vintage Polka Dot Pattern Shift Dress with Fabric Belt Tie (Medium, Yellow, $19.95)        Y ou cannot think about summe...

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