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Make-up Tips: Make it Easy! Mineral Make Up and Makeup Made for Oily Skin

Make-up Tips, Mineral Make Up and Makeup Made for Oily Skin

Mineral Makeup Samples Set with 5 piece Black Brush Kit. "MEDIUM" Shade Natural Makeup. IQ Natural make up brand.

Society almost demands of women that they wear make-up, and not just some of the time. Some women feel they cannot even leave their homes without make-up on, and in many professional environments an unmade face might be considered almost obscene. 

At least a social faux pas, going around without make-up on in some places just cannot be done. It would be almost impossible to find a woman anywhere that did not wear make-up to her own wedding or senior prom, for instance. Sometimes, there is no escape from make-up.

And let's be honest: most women hate wearing it. Make-up can get hot and uncomfortable and make you so self-conscious. "Is my make-uprunning" flashes instantly through the mind at the first trickle of sweat. One must check and re-check, apply and re-apply, and generally exhaust oneself in trying to maintain that perfect face. But, like anything else, even something as hard as make-up can be made easy…if you know how to do it. The first rule in make-up is that less is more. You want to keep your make-up as light as possible. Otherwise, you'll feel (and look) like you're wearing a mask and you'll be forced to maintain an air-conditioned space at all times. Use the least amount of foundation that is possible.

Here's a trick for foundation. Not everyone has been gifted with perfect skin, and those of us that live in the real world have faces that feature freckles, blemishes, spots, and who knows what else. You know that foundation can be used to achieve a smooth, even look - so you put it all over your face. Unfortunately, this often makes your skin worse and feels terrible, to boot. Take your application sponge and put only a little foundation on the applicator. Then, dot the foundation gently just on the "bad places" of your face. Next, use a clean part of the sponge to smooth out that foundation. You'll get a very light coating of foundation to smooth out your overall skin, while the parts that you want hidden will be blotted out. Make sure to smooth out the finish.

If using eyeliner, line the part under the eyelashes, not over them. Get right underneath of where your eyelashes grow, if you can, and use only a very thin line. Blondes should use a tan, bronze, or brownish shade. Colored eyeliners like blues and green are only appropriate for clubbing or for a casual party among friends - not in the workplace. Apply mascara only to the corners of your upper eyelashes, using a dry mascara brush or eyelash curler to give curl to the other eyelashes. Mascara on the bottom lashes very often rubs together, and eyeliner on the bottom lid of your eyes will only leave a dark smudge - so leave it off completely.

You'll want a few good make-up brushes in different sizes. Once you've finished applying eyeshadow, blush, and face powder (use only a light patting of powder, tapping it on your face and then smoothing it out) you'll want to brush a dry brush all over your face to get rid of loose make-up particles and provide a clean, finished look.
No one needs a whole lot of make-up to look great, and make-up can be a quick and painless process, if you know how, said also Edward Raver.
Large Pure Mineral Makeup Starter Set with Brush, FAIR Shade Natural Makeup by IQ Natural

Is Mineral Make Up Right for Everyone?
How Mineral Make Up Works (or Doesn't) with Your Skin

Mineral make up seems to be all the rage. You can't leave the house without some type of advertisement for this clean and natural make up solution that is said to be good for your skin, however, mineral make up might not be best for everyone. Is mineral make up right for you? A lot having to do with selecting mineral make up can come right down to the brand. Certain brands that have talc as one of the primary ingredients of the foundation will cause breakouts on sensitive skin and can cause irritation, so just like anything else, look at the ingredients prior to purchase. Other brands might be better formulated for oily skin or combination skin, so it's best to get a recommendation from a professional prior to jumping on the mineral make up bandwagon.

For younger skin, no matter the type, mineral make up can look great, if a few simple rules are followed. Moisturizing your skin is of the utmost importance prior to application, because if your skin isn't properly moisturized mineral make up will look caked on and very unnatural. Another important thing to remember with mineral make up is to have a high quality brush for application. If it isn't applied properly the make up will not blend in naturally with your skin and look more like a tinted overtone than a natural beauty solution.
One thing has been true across the board; if you have more pronounced laugh lines or visible fine lines around eyes and other areas of your face mineral make up is probably not going to be right for your skin. Despite advertiser's claims to the contrary, mineral make up will settle into fine lines and wrinkles which can make them more visible and have a caking effect. So if you're debating on mineral make up and you have this issue, I would suggest sticking with a tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation.
For skin with specific problems, such as discoloration or acne scars mineral make up is not going to look great on your skin either. What many people with severe skin conditions have found is that in order to "cover up" any flaws that might exist they have to use double amounts of the mineral foundation and it will come out looking very poor and overdone.

The concept of mineral make up is a great one, however, despite the advertisements, mineral make up doesn't work for everyone. If you're curious about how mineral make up might look on you, try a sample from a beauty counter to get a final verdict. Ideeas by Shauna Zamarripa about:   
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Makeup Made for Oily Skin
Products You Can Use Without Adding Ooze

Different skin types require different cosmetics. What works on a woman with dry skin simply will not have the same results when used on a woman with oily skin. Luckily, cosmetic companies have noticed the need for makeup designed for differing needs. Those of us with oily skin need not worry; there is makeup out there we can use!
With oily skin, eyeliner often wanders off where we apply it to give us the not-so-sexy raccoon look. A lot of times it doesn't seem to matter if we use a stick, powder, or liquid eyeliner. However, Maybelline has made a Water Proof Liquid Eyeliner that works wonders. It doesn't smudge, smear, or run so those less than lovely dark circles around the eyes can be avoided. The Water Proof Liquid Eyeliner is available in three colors: Black, Gray, and Brown. Always remember to remove extra liquid from the applicator's tip to avoid runs caused by excess eyeliner. If you forget, don't worry because this eyeliner doesn't sting your eye if it finds its way into your eyeball. Because it is liquid, a steady hand is needed but practice makes perfect.
Likewise, those of us with oily skin can find mascara difficult for the same smudging and smearing reasons. Maybelline's Great Lash Waterproof Mascaradoesn't smudge once it dries and it dries quickly to last all day. The mascara is available in four colors: Very Black, Soft Black, Brownish Black, and Dark Brown. To maintain your health and cleanliness, replace your mascara every three months. Doing so also helps avoid clumping on the mascara wand.

Waterproof eye makeup can prove to be difficult to rinse off. But Neutrogena is one step ahead of that problem with their One-Step GentleCleanser. It gently cleans your skin, removing your still beautiful waterproof makeup, easily. The cleanser does not irritate your eyes or dry out your skin. And that's a huge thing for oily skin as a lot of cleansers make your face flakey. This cleanser leaves your face feeling refreshed and without residue.
Moisturizers can also be difficult to match with oily skin. We know we're supposed to moisturize but adding moisture to our skin can oftentimes make it even oilier. However, Dove's Deep Moisture Facial Lotion solves those problems. It hydrates your face without leaving an oily slime like so many other moisturizers with SPF. The lotion is light and leaves your skin feeling soft while offering protection from the sun's harmful UV rays.
With a little research and some willingness to try new products, women with oily skin can find great cosmetic products that don't cause more oil buildup that clogs pores. Fortunately for our wallets, the stuff that works best is usually the more affordable makeup anyway.
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Make-up Tips: Make it Easy! Mineral Make Up and Makeup Made for Oily Skin
Make-up Tips: Make it Easy! Mineral Make Up and Makeup Made for Oily Skin Adriana Esmerald 5 of 5
Make-up Tips, Mineral Make Up and Makeup Made for Oily Skin S ociety almost demands of women that they wear make-up, and not just...

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