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Get Your Makeup to Look Smoother

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               Sometimes slapping on makeup seems like more trouble and effort than it is worth. I hear a lot of complaints from women who say that makeup "just doesn't sit right" on their skin or that it feels heavy, or worse, that it looks too obvious that they are wearing it. As the whole point of wearing makeup is to look like you're not wearing any, that is a pretty discouraging statement.

True, getting makeup to look flawless can only be achieved through professional makeovers, heavy airbrushing, and a few photoshop editing sessions. But you can get pretty darn close if you know what you're doing! Here are four steps that anyone can use to get moving the the right direction. Getting your makeup to go on a little smoother isn't just for the pros anymore!
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Start with a smooth foundation. Now, I'm not talking about the makeup, here! What I'm talking about is your skin. Achieving smooth skin is half the battle of making your makeup look good. Even if it is expertly applied by a seasoned professional, if your skin is rough, flaky or covered in acne, a team of experts couldn't eliminate the bumps. If you suffer from acne, look in to some remedies that will clear up your acne. There are hundreds of acne solutions on the market and you may have to try a few until you find one that works for you, but Pro-Activ is a good place to start!

Exfoliate, wash, moisturize! These are three crucial steps if you plan on wearing makeup on a regular basis. Use an exfoliant on your face up to three times a week to remove dead skin, oil and dirt buildup from your skin (sounds delicious, I know - that's why we get rid of it!). In addition to this, use a cleanser every day to wash your face. But, perhaps the most important step of all is to moisturize! It will help restore the moisture to your face after you wash it, as washing and exfoliating removes your skins natural oils.

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Primers. If you have ever painted over a wall, you know that before you can paint a surface you have to prime it first! Well, your face may not be a wall, but it is a surface that needs some TLC. If you have never heard of a makeup primer, their purpose is the prep your skin for makeup. What does this mean? It helps the makeup blend into your skin to look more smooth and seamless, and will help prevent it from wearing or rubbing off over the course of the day. Several companies make makeup primers and so there is no shortage of products to choose from! Remember, you do not have to go high-end to get a great quality product - check your local drug store and browse some beauty websites to see which ones are in your price range.

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Use the right makeup for your skin type. This may seem like a no-brainer: makeup is makeup, right? Wrong. You may have noticed that a lot of foundations will specify for which skin type the formula works best. Take a look in the mirror and evaluate your skin carefully. Is it oily? Do you often get dry, flaky patches? Or are you somewhere in between? Find the makeup formula for you. If your skin is dry, using powder will only extenuate the dry look. If it's oily, look into some shine-control foundation. For normal-combination skin, try a combination formula. There are all sorts of women out there and when I say that there is a product for everything, I mean it! K. F. Lynn.

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SHANY 2012 Edition All In One Harmony Makeup Kit, 25 Ounce                Sometimes slapping on makeup seems like more trouble and ...

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