Saturday, June 25, 2016

How to Remove Makeup and Blemishes in Photographs

If your photographs are looking less than the best, use a photo editing software to jazz them up.

Press Command-A (PC: Ctrl-A) to select the entire image. Click the Edit menu and choose De ne Pattern. Click OK to accept the lename as the name of the pattern. Look at the texture in the shadow area of her cheek; it still doesn't look as soft as it should. With that in mind, press Command-Option-Z (PC: Ctrl-Alt-Z) twice to undo the Dust & Scratches filter.
Now we'll create a pattern for the shadow area. Once again, open the Dust & Scratches lter. This time click the lter's cursor box to the left of her nose.
Start with a higher pixel radius (we used 10). Slowly lower the Threshold number until this area of skin in the shadow smoothes out, around 14. Ignore the e ect on any pixels in the highlights. Click OK.

Once again, select the entire image by pressing Command-A (PC: Ctrl-A), then choose Edit>De ne Pattern. It's ne to let this pattern have the same name as the rst. Remember that the rst pattern is for the lighter areas of skin while the second one is used in the shadows. Finally, press Command-Option-Z (PC: Ctrl-Alt-Z) to undo Dust & Scratches.
Choose the Healing Brush tool from the Toolbox. Change the Source in the Options Bar from Sampled to Pattern. From the Pattern menu, click the rst thumbnail of Catherine to select the one for smoothing the texture in the lighter portions of her skin.
Click the Aligned checkbox to turn it on.

Heal the pattern over her forehead and then work the turquoise eye shadow using a 70-pixel brush; use the Right Bracket key (]) to increase brush diameter as needed. Brush over the triangle of highlight on her right cheek. Heal over any objectionable texture on her left cheek, nose, and forehead.
Choose the second pattern from the menu and work the shadow areas of her right cheek on both sides of the strands of hair. Use a smaller, 20-pixel brush, being careful to leave a bu er area of untouched texture next to her hair; use the Left Bracket key ([) to decrease brush diameter as needed. If the Healing Brush gets too close to the hair, the e ect will bleed into the hair resulting in a very unnatural look. Work on the shadow side of her nose as well.

Click the Eye icon on the Smoother Skin layer to check the progress of the effect. Thanks to April Santos for these great informations!
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