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A Perfect Gift For Christmas: Laptop or Tablet, What Should I Get?

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Stuck Between Laptop and Tablet? 
The rise of tablet market certainly has put a big question mark on the future of laptops. More and more people across the globe are now looking at the tablet PCs for their mobile computing needs over the laptops. The tablet PCs, or simply the tablets, are a new generation smart computing devices, which stand above the smartphones and below the laptops in functionalities.

Which one should you go for?
The tablet trend is slowly catching up all over the world, which is already at the peak in the western world. The very first thing that confuses a potential buyer is selecting one from the both. With the smartphones, tablets and laptops priced so close to each other, you have to take a wise decision in selecting one of them.
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The differences between laptops and tablets
Tablets: Tablets are smaller in size, light weight, compact and very easy to carry. Tablets run on the smartphone operating systems such as Android, BlackBerry, iOS or Windows Mobile. Most of the tablets will not have a physical keyboard. Instead they have a virtual touch screen keyboard. Tablets are nothing but the extended version of smartphones with screen size reaching up to 10 inches.
Laptops: As you all know, the laptops are no less than the regular desktop computers when comes to usage and performance. The laptops can be as powerful as desktops, and lets you do everything you normally do on a desktop.

Identifying your needs and requirements
It's your needs and requirements that matter more than anything else here. What for you are buying a tablet or a laptop? Are you a student looking for a mobile computing device? Are you an employee looking for a convenient mobile device to check mails and browse net?
A laptop is a good choice for someone:
1) who doesn't have a personal computer yet.
2) who is a student and looking for a mobile computing device.
3) who want to run different softwares and applications.
4) who is a business person and needs to manage a huge chunk of files.
5) who want a laptop to look and feel everything like a desktop!
A tablet is a good choice for someone:
1) who is looking for a small light weight computing device.
2) whose main purpose is browsing net and checking mails.
3) who look for a longer battery backup. (compared to laptops)
4) who loves smartphone gaming.
5) who can afford buying a tablet besides a laptop!
Price and range
All over the world, laptops and tablets are available in a similar price range. The price of a good tablet is almost equal to the price of a good laptop. The popular tablet manufacturers are Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, Dell and Acer and the prices starts from about 50$ up to a few hundreds of dollars.
Brands and Models 
After the initial success of Apple iPad, most of the electronic companies developed their own tablet PCs and successfully marketed them. From Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry to Dell, Acer, Asus; almost all top company's tablet models are available to buy.
As a buyer, it's very difficult to choose one from many. However, after considering the features, price and the reviews of the product, you can find the right tablet that fits in your needs well!
For majority people, the tablet can be considered as a luxury item while the laptop is a need. You can choose either of the one depending on your requirements and budget. Ideeas by Shiva Remala.
A Perfect Gift For Christmas: Laptop or Tablet, What Should I Get? Adriana Esmerald 5 of 5
Stuck Between Laptop and Tablet?   T he rise of tablet market certainly has put a big question mark on the future of laptops. More and ...

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