Monday, July 18, 2016

Finding Natural Turquoise Jewelry Online

925 Sterling Silver Ring with Genuine Turquoise and Semiprecious Gemstones Size 5 to 12

Turquoise is a soft, opaque gemstone. In the United states, it is most often found in the Southwest, and is commonly used in Native American jewelry. Because turquoise is so soft, it is often treated with chemical processes to make it harder, or otherwise "improve" it. Because of these practices, Jewelry that has not been treated, that is, natural turquoise jewelry - is more prized, and often more valuable.
The stores below carry a wide selection of natural turquoise. Some also carry the treated stones. It is wise to always ask through questions of the seller before buying any natural turquoise jewelry. Being listed below does not guarantee natural turquoise in every piece you'll find, so play it safe and question before you buy. This is especially true of the more expensive pieces which can sell for thousands of dollars.
Nevada Outback Gems: A nice selection of natural turquoise in rings, bracelets, earrings and more. A lot of interesting spider-webbed pieces to be found here. Prices are fairly reasonable, with most under $100. Sales are conducted via e-mail with payment via Paypal.
           Southwest Silver Gallery: Here you will find a variety of Native American themed Turquoise Jewelry, Including necklaces bracelets, pendants, rings and even watches, It is evident that a great deal of pride is taken in the craftsmanship Prices range from under $100 to upwards of $2500. Purchases can be made online though the website or over the phone
           Silver Sun: Another group of Native American artisans specializing in Natural Turquoise Jewelry, Silver Sun gives you a unique option to pick your stone from a mine before it is crafted into jewelry. A great deal of attention is given to educating the buyer on the quality of stones from each mine. Prices Range between $100 and $3000. Purchases can be made from their website using any major credit card.
           Twin Rocks Trading Post: Has a wide selection of Natural Turquoise Jewelry hand crafted by Native American Artists This site offers one of a kind pieces with quality and beauty at affordable prices. Purchases can also be made directly though the website.
           Ross Simons: While this site lacks a certain artistic quality present in the others, Some may find it's straight forward jewelry store look to be refreshing. Carrying a wide selection of Jewelry in Natural Turquoise Ross Simons has something to please any taste and many budgets, prices range from 50 dollars up. Items may be purchased directly thought the website.
           True Blue Jewelry & Gifts: Offering Turquoise Jewelry "directly from the mine". Pieces range from 100 dollars and up. Offering a wide selection of hand crafted Turquoise as a specialty. True Blue offers Belt Buckles, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Pendants, Pin Pendants, Rings, and all items can be purchased directly through the website.

Finding Natural Turquoise Jewelry Online Adriana Esmerald 5 of 5
925 Sterling Silver Ring with Genuine Turquoise and Semiprecious Gemstones Size 5 to 12 Turquoise is a soft, opaque gemstone. In th...

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