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How to Choose a Double Stroller

How to choose the double stroller that you need and it's great for childrens?

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Double strollers make life much easier for parents with more than one young child. They allow a parent the freedom to shop, travel, and take long walks with their children without worry or confusion. When it comes to shopping for a double stroller there are many options to choose from.

Front and Back Design

Some strollers are designed in a way that allows one child to sit next to the other. Graco is one brand that makes this particular type of stroller and prices for this kind of double stroller can range from $150 to well over $200.

Front and back designed double strollers are good, also, for parents who have an infant and an older child.
Baby Jogger City Select with Second Seat, Ruby  Baby JoggerMost brands of this design allow a parent to put an infant in the stroller while still in a carrier or infant car seat. Parents who desire this feature need to make sure they are choosing a stroller that is compatible with the infant seat they plan to use.

This type of stroller is narrow enough to fit through standard doorways and is good if a parent has to take the stroller to a doctor's office or stores with narrow entry ways. A drawback to this design is children may fight over who gets to sit up front when they are older.

Side-by-Side Design

Children sit next to one another in a double stroller that has a side-by-side design and this type is a better choice for toddlers and older. The price for a side-by-side stroller is about the same as that of the front and back design.
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Side-by-side strollers tend to be less bulky than front and back double strollers, but they are also wider and parents might have a problem getting this type of stroller through a narrow doorway. This type of stroller might be a good choice for parents who will be using the stroller outdoors or to go mall walking with their children.
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Some side by side strollers are designed as jogging strollers and are perfect for parents who plan to take their children with them when they go for a run.

Sit and Stand Design

Sit and stand strollers are good for families who have one child who is a toddler or older. This allows the smaller child to sit up front in a seat and the older child to stand in the back. These range from $100-$200+.
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The sit and stand strollers are lighter than other types of double strollers and fit easily into doorways.

No matter what type of stroller a parent chooses, she needs to make sure she reads directions and uses it properly. Children need to be safely strapped in to avoid unnecessary accidents, also said M.
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How to choose the double stroller that you need and it's great for childrens? D ouble strollers make life much easier for pare...

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