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Appropriate and Stylish Plus Size Fashion: Beach, Back to School Outfits,Coffee and more Ideas

Plus size summer outfit

Learn the Do's and Don't's of Dressing Your Plus Size Body
Every woman wants to look her best. Studying fashion magazines and trendy catalogs can give her a great idea of new styles to try out. But, for the plus size woman, looking at these new fashions can give her a sense of loss and frustration.

Plus size

Back to School,looking Cool

The overweight population is growing, and thus, more trendy and stylish plus size fashions are being brought to the market. However, following the latest trends may not be the best idea for a plus size woman. Every woman is the best judge of what looks best on her body, but there are some things to be careful of if you are plus sized.

Plus Size Fashion- Tie Front Top

Clothing with many drapes, ruffles, and layers may not be your best bet. These things enlarge a plus size silhouette, something that should be avoided. Plus size clothing should not hang on your body. You should try styles that flatter your body shape. There are many more choices today than tent-like dresses and unflattering stretchy polyester pants. A lot of flounces and ruffles might have the unfortunate effect of making a plus size woman look clownish.

Boho (plus size)

Another thing to avoid is very tight clothing. Plus size woman have bulges and rolls that they do not want to show off to the world. While tight clothing may reduce your silhouette, it will do nothing to smooth it. Stretchy fabrics can be very comfortable and forgiving in plus size fashion. They will reduce sag and bag on pants' knees, blouses and shirts, and dresses. Skin-tight clothing may look messy and unprofessional.
Plus size fashion has many options these days. You can find something to suit any body type. Most plus size women are either an apple, round in the middle with thinner legs, or a pear, smaller upper body with large hips and thighs. In order to dress in the most flattering fashion, it is important not to accentuate your trouble spot.

Color Me Pretty: Head-to-Toe Pink (plus size)

Apple shaped plus size women should not wear shirts that gather tightly at the bottom. This plus sized fashion will only accentuate her larger upper half. Pear shaped plus size women should not wear tight tops with overly full skirts. This will accentuate her larger lower half.
Reducing the overall body silhouette is an important consideration, as is disguising a plus size body's trouble spots. Plus size fashion has come a long way. However, to dress attractively and appropriately, women must understand which fashions are right for her body type and personal style. Melanie L. Marten.
Plus Size

Best Styles of Eyelet Skirts

An eyelet skirt is usually lacy or has ruffles with small cut-out shapes of flowers, stars or any other type of accent. They are girly, fun to wear for warm months and look on point with any type of jacket or blouse. Here are the best styles of eyelet skirts that go well with any kind of shirt and shoe type.

Crochet Cardigan & Espadrilles: Plus Size

A layered eyelet skirt usually has three tiers and comes in a white or cream color. These kinds of skirts look feminine and fun where comfort is not an issue. They are casual enough to be worn with a simple grey T-shirt paired with a brown leather or faux leather jacket. Layered skirts often are one of the most easy types of skirts that can be worn on the go, and the eyelet is no exception. Wearing a layered eyelet skirt with some brown flat boots is also quite essential.

Plus Size Tropical Vacation

Long and Laced
Long- to medium-length eyelet skirts usually have three layers of having cut-out eyelets with some lace trimming. They come in white and off white colors, but in recent years, dark blues and even pinks can be seen. They are perfect for an offbeat summer look, worn with some low sandals, even flip flops, and a big straw beach hat. A short-sleeved blouse completes the look, especially if it has a bow tie around it, adding something not so plain. Not only can it be worn with sandals, but nude high heels make it a smash as well.

Mini Skirt Style
A layered eyelet skirt may be just a little longer than a mini, but it simply does not have the same effect. A short eyelet mini is cute and girly, especially in soft pastels without feeling too exposed. They can be worn with short-sleeve blouses, never too long, since this can create an off balance. Black or nude tights with heels add a bit flare to the look, as well as keeping it cool and casual with some boots. No one can go wrong when adding an eyelet mini to their summer wardrobe.

Plus Size

Eyelet skirts are enjoyable and cute. Adding one of the above styles to a closet that needs a more wide range of skirts will be advantageous in the long run. Ideeas by Lin Andriyenko.

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Eyelet skirts are enjoyable and cute. Adding one of the above styles to a closet that needs a more wide range of skirts will be advantageous in the long run.

Vintage Dresses for Your Wardrobe

Vintage style clothing is making its comeback. Whether you fancy the '50s or 6'0s, there is no shortage on what you can find to add to your wardrobe. With summer creeping up quickly, dresses are going to be a huge hit! The good news for these vintage style dresses is even if your not exactly "thin", you can still rock them! The older clothing styles catered more to women of all sizes rather than to the slimmer modern woman that designers today cater to. Check out these five dresses, you will be sure to find at least one you cannot live without!
Tropical Vacation (plus size)

Plus size one piece swimwear

Light Blue Flirty Cotton Swing Dress: This classic replica of a typical 5'0s swing party dress is amazing! Sizes are available from extra small through 2 extra large. The powdery blue color makes the dress super feminine looking and great to wear out on a summer day. Complete with a thicker strapped halter tie, this dress has a ruched elastic design for the sides to make it a perfect fit for women of all sizes. The bodice itself is done in a shelf style with pleats to complete the classic 50's look. Whether you have a summer wedding to attend or you are just out for the day, choosing this dress will not disappoint you!

The Prettiest Underpinnings (plus size)

Natalie Dress In Pink With Black Trim: This is one heck of a sexy dress! It can be purchased at Pinupgirlclothing and sizes are available from extra small through 2 extra large. This all pink dress with black trim and accents will show off your amazing curves by fitting snugly to your form. Capped sleeves, vintage inspired gathered neckline with a black bow tie to enhance cleavage, and a sexy back slit, how could you go wrong? This dress is versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. If you're looking for a dress with some sex appeal, this is the one for you!

Plus Size

Style is not a size, It's an ATTITUDE

Vintage Rockabilly Party Dress: This is a cute feminine dress from the 50's era! Sizes are available from small through extra large. Color choices are teal, gold, and fushsia pink. This is the absolute perfect summer dress. It is on the shorter side, hitting just above the knee in length. Complete with two layers, the outer layer is a mesh covering. Neckline is a V shaped line and the dress itself is sleeveless. This is perfect for hanging out around town, hitting the local nightlife spots, or even a summer wedding. If your looking for something really feminine this is the choice for you!

Cherry Valence Dress: This is a gorgeous vintage inspired cherry print dress! It can be purchased at ModCloth and sizes available in small through extra large. This flirty dress has a sweetheart bustline and a halter tie around the neck for a great cleavage look. The dress is 100 percent cotton, which will keep you cool during the summer heat. The cherry print against the white cloth on the dress makes it a fashion hit! This is a dress for many occasions and a perfect one to buy if you want something that will keep you sexy and cool throughout the summer!

Denim Shorts & White T-shirt: Plus Size

World's Fair Dress: This chic dress is for a fancier look! It can be purchased at ModCloth and sizes available from a 2 through a 12. This black on white pinstriped dress has a beautiful style to it. Shoulder straps and bustline are black, accenting the dress perfectly. The adorned scalloped bib is a beautiful touch to the dress, adding a bit of spice to something vintage. This dress is perfect for a black and white event, going to the opera or theater, or just a fancy evening out! Ideeas presented by Tiffany Bailey.

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Vintage style clothing is making its comeback. The good news for these vintage style dresses is even if your not exactly "thin", you can still rock them!

How to Makeover Your Little Black Dress

Speechless Big Girls' Illusion Dress with Rainbow Sequin,  Black/Fuchsia, 7

     The little black dress is hanging in nearly every woman's closet because it is so versatile; it can be worn day or night, for casual or formal occasions, and in any season. The problem with such a simple, versatile little black dress is how to make it look different each time it's worn. Here are a few tips on how to make your little black dress even more versatile.

How to Makeover Your Little Black Dress: Accessorize
Not enough can be said about accessorizing where the little black dress is concerned; an accessory can entirely make the outfit and too many people think that the outfit stops with the dress.
Try switching up purses, adding a colorful belt, necklace or scarf to your little black dress to spice it up, or perhaps a hat; wide brimmed sun hats are quite glamorous for daytime wear with a little black dress.
Don't be afraid to experiment here because fearless accessorizing can lead to the very best ensembles. Try mixing styles to create an eclectic look; perhaps pair an 80's cuff bracelet with your classic little black dress, or a boho chic handbag.

How to Makeover Your Little Black Dress: Color
Color should be used sparingly with the little black dress so as not to dilute it, but if done right, a splash of color can entirely change the dress. Try adding a pair of red pumps, a red boho chic bag or classic clutch, or a red ruby necklace, or go eccentric and try a canary yellow silk scarf with your little black dress.

How to Makeover Your Little Black Dress: Layer
Don't forget about the option of layering; depending on the season and particular style of your dress, you could layer a lace shawl, a plush pashmina, or a blazer over your little black dress to create different looks.

How to Makeover Your Little Black Dress: Shoes
Some people think of shoes as accessories, but they really are kind of in a category of their own. There is so much you can do with shoes to give variety to the little black dress.
Depending on your other accessories and colors, you could play up the shoes wearing an eye catching red or play them down with a mute taupe or beige shade; you could go heel or flat. If you typically where your little black dress with a beige princess heel, try a peek-a-boo toe red heel. Try what you've never tried before.

How to Makeover Your Little Black Dress: Conclusion
Just think outside the box the next time you put on your little black dress; there's no need to run out and buy a new little black dress for every occasion when you can just spice up the one you already have with items in your closet.

Please also look for my two coming articles on how to dress up your little black dress and how to dress down your little black dress; each of these articles go into a little more detail as to how to accomplish each look. Thank you, Alexandra Morgan! 

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The little black dress is hanging in nearly every woman's closet because it is so versatile; it can be worn day or night, for casual or formal occasions, and in any season.

How to Find Plus Size Punk Clothes

It's been my experience, as a plus sized girl, that plus size punk clothes are nearly impossible to find at a reasonable price. In this article, I'll show you how to acquire plus size punk clothes easily and inexpensively.
Sure, we can shop at Hot Topic or Torrid, but on my income that equates to a clearance top every month or so. Of course, the most punk thing to do is make your plus size punk clothes on your own. This is not always easy and if you aren't good with your hands may prove overwhelming.

Online Auctions for Finding Plus Size Punk Clothes
Ebay and Etsy will become your best friend fr finding plus size punk clothes. For my summer wardrobe, I was able to buy four plus size punk mini-skirts, an awesome plus size punk dress made by Torrid, three pairs of Bermuda shorts and countless punk t-shirts for about $100. At Torrid or Hot Topic, that might buy you a pair of jeans.
Ebay constantly has a barrage of plus size punk clothes and they're cheap - fractions of the cost of regular retail stores. There are even a few sellers who make unique plus size punk clothes and offer them at very reasonable prices. Of course, I would recommend looking for original pieces first. Support the little guys!
Etsy is another great auction source for plus size punk clothes. However, they can sometimes be pricey. I've found amazing deals there but you have to dig and keep coming back.

plus size : maxi dress

Punk or not?
Also, when looking on Ebay, remember to search for things that aren't necessarily punk by themselves but can be converted into great plus size punk clothes.
An example is two pair of Jones NY shorts I bought for about $10. These were advertised as women's Bermuda shorts but I could definitely see the punk potential here. They are long shorts that I sewed a patch onto and wear them with a pair of converse low-tops and a band tee.
As plus size punks, we have to get creative. Take a regular jean jacket from a thrift store that you can normally buy for under $5, add patches and studs and voila! It's an instant and cheap plus size punk jacket! Look for items that you can make your own.

Thrift Stores for Plus Size Punk Clothes
Another great resource for plus size punk clothes is your neighborhood thrift store. Granted, you probably won't be able to find many items that are usable as-is. But, I've got some tips for making plus size thrift store finds a little more punk (and interesting).
Look in the men's slacks section. Find men's old Dickies work pants that fit your waist and cut them off to make shorts. Don't worry about cutting them evenly or hemming. Ha! You're supposed to be a punk! Chop those legs off and wear them! Let them fray; add patches, studs, zippers, etc. to make your own unique, plus size punk clothes.
Find a plaid skirt that fits your waist and cut it up; add zippers, d-rings, straps and studs. Anything can be modified easily with a little creativity and before you know it you'll have tons of plus size punk clothes.
Thrift stores are excellent places to find t-shirts. If you like the logo or picture, buy it! It doesn't matter if it doesn't fit. You can cut out the logo and sew or pin it onto a solid color t-shirt you have that does fit.


Other Ways with T-shirts
There are many things you can do with t-shirts to expand your plus size punk clothes collection. You can buy them too large and resize them. When I go thrift store shopping, I buy every t-shirt I like then resize them to fit if they're too large.
If you have a sewing machine, this isn't very difficult. I've listed a site in the resources section that will show you exactly how to do it.
Spray Paint! That's right; spray paint is a great tool for making t-shirts for your plus size punk clothes collection. Buy or make some letter stencils and spray paint your favorite quote or band name onto a solid color t-shirt. This can also be useful for jackets, bum flaps, etc, and it costs pennies!

Use online auctions for buying your base pieces, a few shorts or skirts and dresses. Then hit up thrift stores for items you can modify into plus size punk clothes. Not only is this more ethical than shopping at Hot Topic, it's also easier on the wallet. Plus, you'll have your own one-of-a kind plus size punk clothes! W.S. 

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The plus size punk clothes are nearly impossible to find at a reasonable price. Here are a few tips about how to acquire plus size punk clothes easily and inexpensively.

The Business of Fashion: Not Owning Your Name

The Business of Fashion: Not Owning Your Name

When I decided to study fashion design, I was never presented with the notion that I may have to sell my designer name. When lessons arose concerning the business side of fashion all talk was about brand image and recognition using well-known fashion designers as the example. As a designer or design student, you know top fashion brands like Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Emanuel Ungaro and a few other major designer names. However, did you know that these designers do not own their name/brand?

Owning a Label is Expensive
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of fashion designers worldwide who work for design houses, own design houses or work as freelance designers. Those who become famous and start their own fashion lines have to keep in the back of their minds the possibility of selling their name. It sounds kind of crazy that a person would sell their name, however, running a design house that produces multiple lines and presents several times a year is very costly. Unless the designer is independently wealthy where he or she can use their own capital to fund the business when sales and operating costs become too much, then a financial backer is often needed. However, a financier not only is seeking to invest in a designer's brand...they often are taking ownership of it along with that designer's name.
Rhea Footwear 6- plus-size swimwear

The Benefit of Selling Your Name
Holding companies like LVMH (Moet Hennessy-Louis Vuitton), PPR (Pinault-Printemps-Redoute) and the apparel company Phillips Van Heusen (PVH) own well-known designer brands. Some specialize in simply fashion like PVH while others have pretty much cornered the market on luxury brands like LVMH. The benefits to fashion designers who sell their brand -- their name -- to these companies is primarily the abundant cash flow that allows them to have their name on multiple clothing lines, fragrances, accessories and a few luxury goods. 
On their own, with their own income, very few design houses or designers can afford to continually produce such a broad spectrum of goods even if they are making a sizable profit. This does not mean it is impossible. Chanel and Armani are design houses who have full control over their brand and multiple product lines and are courted by buyers seeking a piece of their fashion design pie.

Pretty Plus-Size Swimsuit

The Downside of Selling Your Name
Obviously not owning your name would be the major downside to selling it. However, the trickle-down effect of this runs deeper.
-          You don't have control over what your name is attached to. If you are still active within your brand, you will have some input. Ultimately, you do not make the final call.
-          You can be fired. Unless you have a contract with the company which stipulates that you will be head designer or creative director over your brand until your decide to retire, then you can be replaced. Look at the misfortune John Galliano brought upon himself in February 2011. Christian Dior owns John Galliano's brand and was fired on March 1, 2011.
Plus size purple fashion

-          If fired, retired or your brand is dissolved, you lose the right to design under your name. One of the pitfalls for Galliano when he was fired, was he lost the right to design clothing under his name. Christian Lacroix's brand was diminished to licensing for fragrances and accessories. While the designer himself still creates fashion costume, he cannot design under his name anymore.

Designers and the Companies That Own Their Names
Here are a few designers - both alive and deceased - who no longer own their brand/name:

Black & Green: Plus Size

-          Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Emilio Pucci and Givenchy are all owned by LVMH.
-          PPR owns Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Stella McCartney and Balenciaga.
-          Calvin Klein - sans Calvin Klein the founder who is still alive - and Tommy Hilfiger are owned by PVH.

As a designer or design student, you may have dreams of becoming the next Donna Karan, Alexander McQueen or Marc Jacobs. Just remember that each of these designers sold their brand, their name, to be able to create the fashion they - and you -- love. However, take into consideration the pros and cons of selling your brand. In essence, the choice is between, "Do you want to own your brand or be an employee of it?", concluded the article’s author ShawnTe Pierce.

Plus Size Swimwear by Banggood 12/20

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