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Finding Natural Turquoise Jewelry Online

925 Sterling Silver Ring with Genuine Turquoise and Semiprecious Gemstones Size 5 to 12

925 Sterling Silver Ring with Genuine Turquoise and Semiprecious Gemstones Size 5 to 12

Turquoise is a soft, opaque gemstone. In the United states, it is most often found in the Southwest, and is commonly used in Native American jewelry. Because turquoise is so soft, it is often treated with chemical processes to make it harder, or otherwise "improve" it. Because of these practices, Jewelry that has not been treated, that is, natural turquoise jewelry - is more prized, and often more valuable.
The stores below carry a wide selection of natural turquoise. Some also carry the treated stones. It is wise to always ask through questions of the seller before buying any natural turquoise jewelry. Being listed below does not guarantee natural turquoise in every piece you'll find, so play it safe and question before you buy. This is especially true of the more expensive pieces which can sell for thousands of dollars.
Nevada Outback Gems: A nice selection of natural turquoise in rings, bracelets, earrings and more. A lot of interesting spider-webbed pieces to be found here. Prices are fairly reasonable, with most under $100. Sales are conducted via e-mail with payment via Paypal.
           Southwest Silver Gallery: Here you will find a variety of Native American themed Turquoise Jewelry, Including necklaces bracelets, pendants, rings and even watches, It is evident that a great deal of pride is taken in the craftsmanship Prices range from under $100 to upwards of $2500. Purchases can be made online though the website or over the phone
           Silver Sun: Another group of Native American artisans specializing in Natural Turquoise Jewelry, Silver Sun gives you a unique option to pick your stone from a mine before it is crafted into jewelry. A great deal of attention is given to educating the buyer on the quality of stones from each mine. Prices Range between $100 and $3000. Purchases can be made from their website using any major credit card.
           Twin Rocks Trading Post: Has a wide selection of Natural Turquoise Jewelry hand crafted by Native American Artists This site offers one of a kind pieces with quality and beauty at affordable prices. Purchases can also be made directly though the website.
           Ross Simons: While this site lacks a certain artistic quality present in the others, Some may find it's straight forward jewelry store look to be refreshing. Carrying a wide selection of Jewelry in Natural Turquoise Ross Simons has something to please any taste and many budgets, prices range from 50 dollars up. Items may be purchased directly thought the website.
           True Blue Jewelry & Gifts: Offering Turquoise Jewelry "directly from the mine". Pieces range from 100 dollars and up. Offering a wide selection of hand crafted Turquoise as a specialty. True Blue offers Belt Buckles, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Pendants, Pin Pendants, Rings, and all items can be purchased directly through the website.

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925 Sterling Silver Ring with Genuine Turquoise and Semiprecious Gemstones Size 5 to 12 Turquoise is a soft, opaque gemstone. In th...

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Applying Makeup when You Can't See Well

30 Piece Brand New & Sealed Hard Candy' Cosmetics Makeup Excellent Assorted Mixed Lot
Applying makeup is one of the joys of my life. Unless it is a beach day or I feel unusually lazy, I like trying new colors and shades of makeup. I've had perfect vision all my life until I reached 40. At this fabulous age, I began to notice a few changes--one was my changing eyesight. After several botched makeup applications, I swore off eyeshadow vowing to stick with eyeliner and mascara for a "simpler look." That did not work so well either and I missed playing with my favorite eyeshadow brands likeMAC and Mary Kay.
When you can't see well, applying makeup is kind of hit and miss. You may get your eyeshadow on the eyelid and you may get your eyeliner in a perfectly straight line but after you put on your glasses-oh no! As a new hot girl with glasses I learned a few things about applying makeup with poor eyesight. Some of them are no-brainers but they felt like revelation when I first figured them out. Here's to you smart, sassy glass wearing gals! Try these tips for flattering makeup applications that stay in the proverbial lines.

Magnified Me
Yes, wonder of wonders, the magnifying glass has become my best friend. I upgraded my vanity table mirror. Besides the regular mirror that matches my wicker vanity set, I sprung for a large magnification mirror. This freestanding mirror stands easily on the tabletop and even has additional lighting to help me see. Be warned. You'll see everything now, including facial hair and tiny wrinkles.

Bright Light
Natural light is best so if possible, move your makeup nook closer to an outdoor window. When this isn't possible double the wattage on your light bulbs or invest in new lighting. Track lighting and lamps are good for directing light on a specific area.

Better Tools
Someone once said, "To do the best job you need the right tools." This old adage is true for this situation too. When you can't rely on your eyes you have to rely on your tools. Upgrade your makeup tools to get a better application.
Pick a sculptured blush brush that is designed with your cheekbones in mind. For mineral powder foundation, use a flat kabuki brush. Always select mascaras that are easy to handle with fine, full brushes. When seeing is a problem, stick with eyeshadow tools that have short handles for better control.

Kingfansion Makeup Cosmetic Brushes Kabuki Face Blush Brush Powder Foundation Tool

Over Foundation Concealer
With less than perfect eyesight, you'll make plenty of mistakes, even with practice. Keep an over-foundation concealer on your makeup table or in your purse for quick corrections. Unlike the concealer that goes under foundation, this kind blends in smoothly to makeup without changing the foundation color.
Check around the eyes and lips especially for eyeshadow and lipstick faux pas. I recommend using concealer pens to get the most precise accurately placed coverage. I usually give myself a quick once over in my car before I even head out of the driveway. There I get tons of good light and can see problems quickly.
If you love makeup but have some difficulty seeing you don't need to give up your cosmetics. Make some of the suggested changes and give yourself a little more time for application. Wearing glasses is not the end of the world. In fact, I love the way my glasses make me look. “Especially after I put them on!”, also said Monica Bullock.
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30 Piece Brand New & SealedHard Candy' Cosmetics Makeup Excellent Assorted Mixed Lot A pplying makeup is one of the joys of ...

Friday, July 1, 2016

I Do NOT Like My Engagement Ring!

1.6 Carat Designer Four Prong Round Diamond Engagement Ring with a 0.75 Carat I-J VS1-VS2 Center

1.6 Carat Designer Four Prong Round Diamond Engagement Ring with a 0.75 Carat I-J VS1-VS2 Center

If you ask just about any female above the age of 13 what kind of wedding ring she likes, she will most likely give you some spill about metal colors or size or cut or shape. It is something we think about, it's in our blood! And when you dream about that ring for years (and years) it could be extremely devastating to get something that is completely different that you hate. I know that all the guys reading this are probably thinking how ungrateful that sounds and that it is not about the engagement ring, it is about the meaning behind it and what it symbolizes. True. But regardless of how stupid you think it may be, you want her to love her ring as much as she loves you. She is after all going to wear it everyday for the rest of her life, right?! So, with that in mind....guys, try not the be offended and sensitive about changing the ring, you want her to be happy.

If you are a female finding yourself in this situation, my best advise to you is to simply be honest with your man. Tell him you love him and you want to be his wife, but that you have a certain kind of wedding ring in mind and ask if he would mind an exchange. If you fear he might be angry or upset then make a comment about someone you know exchanging their engagement ring to see what he says and how he reacts. Upset or not, it comes down to you wearing a ring you hate, learning to love it anyways, or sticking your neck out there in an effort to be happy with what you get. I suppose it is all a matter of what you can live with.
3.65 Carat t.w 14K White Gold Exquisite Prong Set Bageutte And Round Diamond Engagement Ring w/ a 1.5 Carat Princess Cut Purple Tanzanite Heirloom Quality

3.65 Carat t.w 14K White Gold Exquisite Prong Set Bageutte And Round Diamond Engagement Ring w/ a 1.5 Carat Princess Cut Purple Tanzanite Heirloom Quality

1/2 cttw GIA Certified Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold (1/2 cttw, E Color, VS2 Clarity)I'm sure that someone, somewhere will have stories about how such an exchange might be bad luck or wrong, but that is going to be a matter of opinion. So, I would say if the two of you feel ok with the exchange then go for it. If you are truly concerned, then ask someone you look up to (a parental figure) or your minister. They will be able to tell you how your family or your religion might feel about it.

Near 1 Carat Carat Round Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 14K White Gold 6 Prong (K, I1, 0.85 c.t.w) Ideal CutAs for the actual exchange at the store, it will depend on the store's refund and exchange policies. They will definitely want all the original paperwork, receipt, etc and could possibly have a very short period of time allowed for exchanges after the initial purchase. If your wedding ring has been engraved, customized in some way or if it was a closeout or discontinued design then you may be out of luck. Your best bet is to simply take the engagement ring back to the same store where it was purchased along with all the paperwork and ask them what your options are as soon as possible.
1.05 Carat Vintage/Antique Baguette and Round Halo Hexagon Diamond Engagement Ring 14K Yellow Gold with a 0.5 Carat Round Cut AAA Quality Emerald (Heirloom Quality)IGI Certified 14k Gold and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring (3/4 cttw, H-I Color, I1-I2 Clarity)

2.25 Carat 14K White Gold Vintage Halo Style Channel Set Round Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Milgrain

2.25 Carat 14K White Gold Vintage Halo Style 

Channel Set Round Brilliant Round Cut Diamond

 Engagement Ring Milgrain 

If a return is impossible for some reason, there are still options. You could consider having the ring reset or restyled into something you do like or try selling it and use the money to buy another one. All that really matters in the end is that you and he are happy together and that both of you can live with your decision.....and the wedding ring!

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1.6 Carat Designer Four Prong Round Diamond Engagement Ring with a 0.75 Carat I-J VS1-VS2 Center I f you ask just about any female ab...