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Review of Temple St Clair Fine Jewelry

Temple St Clair Fine Jewelry is one of the nicest lines of jewelry with unique designs and a various selection enhanced by the use of stone and gem embellishment combined with the right metals along with the art of creating well designed jewelry. The wide variety of pieces available from Temple St Clair Fine Jewelry which includes pieces such as; bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, and rings as well as several fine collectible pieces.

Temple St Clair Fine Jewelry offers several collections from which to select fine pieces including; the Rock Crystal Amulets Collection, the Angels Collection, the Classic Gold Collection, the Astrological Collection, the Classic Color Collection, the Celestial Collection, the Tree of Life, Royal Blue Moon Stone, Collectibles and more.
A few of the most popular favorites include pieces from the Classic Color Collection such as; an Aqua and Iolite Pyramid Cuff which retails for $6200.00. Pricey but beautiful the Pyramid Cuff is definitely one of the most beautiful pieces from the Classic Color Collection from Temple St Clair. Another very beautiful piece from this same collection is the Aquamarine Eternity Band made from 18 karat gold and set with princess but and diamond shaped aquamarines. The retail price for the Aquamarine Eternity Band from Temple St Clair Fine Jewelry is $1500.00.

From the Temple St Clair Fine Jewelry Tree of Life Collection the pieces are influenced by nature and include unique designs such as dolphins, lions and dragonflies. One of the most popular pieces from the Temple St Clair Tree of Life Collection is the pair of 18Karat Dragonfly Earrings encrusted with pave diamonds and retailing for $3500.00. 

Another very popular piece is the 18Karat Cutout Dragonfly Pendant shaped in a round disc. The beautifully carved piece is delicate and finely detailed. Available from Temple St Clair Fine Jewelry the retail price for the 18karat Cutout Dragonfly Pendant is $900.00.
From the Temple St Clair Fine Jewelry Angel Collection comes the 18karat Angel Diamond Earrings which are beautifully designed drop earrings. Designed after Renaissance style angels the earrings measure 14mm in diameter and 20.5mm in length and retail for approximately $1500.00. 
There is also a small pair from the Temple St Clair Fine Jewelry Angel Collection which measure 10mm in diameter and 15 mm in length with no diamond embellishments. The retail price for the smaller version of Angel Earrings is $750.00.
The beautiful collections from Temple St Clair are elegant, creative and definitely timeless pieces. For more information on Temple St Clair Fine Jewelry visit the official web site for Temple St Clair Fine Jewelry.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Harajuku Lovers Fashion Watches

Harajuku Lovers Fashions Watches are influenced by the Japanese culture and are a very uniquely designed style of fashion watch mostly worn by teen girls.

Harajuku is a major fashion region in Japan that influences a major sector of the population particularly teens. Known as the Harajuku Girls the fashion fusion that has evolved from the use of Gwen Stefani's coining the term after using the label in her music, however the Harajuku region is edgy and trendy and is known as one of the most cosmopolitan fashion areas in Japan. From this region and this influence comes the stylish Harajuku Lovers Fashion Watches.

The selection of watches from the collection of Harajuku Lovers Fashion Watches consists of a varied collection of fashion watches. All of the watches are reasonably priced, trendy, and quite colorful. One of the very popular styles among the collection of Harajuku Lovers Fashion Watches is the Roundie Def Girls Gwen Watch. Features include a stainless steel back, three hand movement, a clear face, transparent straip with "Gwen" graphics, and colorful female graphics on the dial of the watch. Available from the collection of the Harajuku Lovers Fashion Watches, the Roundie Def Girls Gwen Watch retails for $50.00.

Another of the popular styles from the collection of Harajuku Lovers Fashion Watches is the colorful "Water Color Watch." The cute and stylish watch has a stainless steel back, a round clear face, a Harajuku girl's graphic on the dial, a blue plastic strap with a printed logo that reads "A Fatal Attraction to Cuteness," and a feminine signature Harajuku Lovers heart charm which dangles from the watch strap. The retail price for the Harajuku Water Color Watch is $50.00.

The Harajuku Lovers Fashion Watches are all fairly colorful and edgy. There is one watch in particular that is quite unique and that is the Harajuku Lovers "Crest Watch" in black. The water resistant watch has many of the same basic features as the rest of the collection including features such as; a stainless steel case back with a round case, clear face, logo graphic on the dial reading "In Lovers We Trust," three hand movement, a black plastic strap with beautifully designed Japanese characters in white, and the signature Harajuku Lovers heart charm designed to dangle from the strap. 

The retail price for the Harajuku Lovers Crest Watch in black is $50.00. This particular watch is also available in white with gold characters.

Harajuku Fashion Watches can be purchased from Harajuku, from Eluxury, or other high end retailers carrying trendy popular luxury fashions. Lola Inez also says that for more information on Harajuku Fashion Watches visit the official web sites for either Harajuku or Eluxury,

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Is Jewelry Making Your Passion?

How to Include Your Kids in Your Hobbies

With three girls in my house, we've had Nana's help in creating an interest in jewelry making. However, there are other ways to get kids interested in jewelry making. The first is to pick an outlet that interests them. Another is to make jewelry for others. Lastly, try doing jewelry making in a group. Still, there is more to it than this.
 Moonlight Art Supply 12-Piece Jewelry Making Tool Kit and 34-Inch Flocked Bead Board
Pick an Outlet that Interests You
Much like clothes, the jewelry you wear is an extension of your personality. The same applies for making jewelry to be given as a gift. It should be a reflection of the recipient's personality. Jewelry making is a great way to show your appreciation for a person, as well as show how well you really know them.
Make a Gift of Jewelry for Others.
What better way to get your kid interested than to make a gift for a friend. While making jewelry for your self can be fun, making jewelry for others is always more fun. Not only are you able to give someone a gift, but you are also able to show off your hard work and creativity.

Free Jewelry Patterns - Kindle

To do so, you can explore the different types of jewelry. There are many types of jewelry that fit people of all ages. For younger children, try the pop beads that allow you to piece together multiple beads of various colors. They can make them big or small. For children in middle school, the art of friendship bracelets will always be popular. Older kids will enjoy working with beads and gems.
Within each age group, each child will have a different style of jewelry making that they prefer. Some prefer beads. Others prefer to make pins out of felt or bracelets out of clay. Whatever their preference, let them explore that area. You will be surprised at what they create.

Make Jewelry with a Group of Friends
Still, if you are unable to get a kid interested in jewelry making, you can always put together a group of his or her friends. Jewelry making is definitely a group activity. Not only does your kid get to be with their friends, but they will also get some great ideas.
So, go ahead, throw a jewelry making party for your kid. Display all types of jewelry so that the possibilities are endless. Invite them to put all the jewelry together and each pick out a different one as a gift. Everyone will create beautiful items and have a great time!

How to Make Your Own Jewelry Christmas Tree

Here's what you'll need:
Styrofoam cone. The size of the cone will depend on how many jewelry findings you have to decorate with.
Christmas wrapping paper foil in red, green, gold, silver or any other color you'd like. You can even use kitchen aluminum foil.
Jewelry findings (broken pieces, single earrings, etc.) buttons, beads, pottery shards. Use your imagination. If you do choose jewelry, it's always best to try to use pieces of broken jewelry. I advise not deliberately using jewelry that is still in good condition, even if you think it's junk. 

Remember, today's junk is tomorrow's treasure. 
Some of the oddest things tend to creep up in value while we're not looking. You can also use a straight pin to put some of the pieces on. Then they'll be easy to take off if you realize they have more value on the market than on the tree.
Hot glue gun. Don't forget the glue!
*Optional addition #1 - Tiny Christmas tree lights
**Optional addition #2 - Beaded garland

And here's how to do it:
1. Wrap the cone with foil paper. Overlap the ends and glue together. Do not use hot glue directly on the Styrofoam. It will melt and melted Styrofoam is definitely not a desired result here.
2. Putting the glue directly on the jewelry pieces, start placing your findings on the foil covered cone. Use larger pieces first, then fill in the spaces with smaller findings. Just put them on here, there and everywhere. Don't stress on placement. It will look good no matter what you do.
3. Decide what you'd like to use for a topper. This tree is using a little, vintage angel.
*There are two ways to use a string of lights. You can put them under the foil, using florist pins, or even hairpins, to hold the string in place. When you wrap the cone in the foil, you need to make little slits where each light is, then press the foil down around the bulb. This is the hardest way to make it look "right", so you might try the next method. Put the lights on top of the foil, either hold the string in place with the florist pins or glue it down, then simply glue your findings on top of the light string. It is harder to cover the light strings this way.
**If you choose to use beaded garland, add it before adding the findings, then proceed to step 2.
Find a pretty silver tray, mirror, doily, plate or saucer for a base or maybe wind beaded or tinsel garland around the bottom and you're done! Now wasn't that easy?
Here you can find anothere one!

Monday, May 16, 2016

What is Lurking in Your Makeup?

Makeup was declared as impolite by Queen Victoria in the 1800s. At that time in history, makeup was viewed as vulgar and something that was worn by actors and prostitutes. While this may be an extreme take on cosmetics, many women use makeup in awfully high proportions.
A lot of women are unaware of the damages that makeup can do to their skin. More importantly, women who are aware of the risks do not care. They still use makeup and do not take the importance of healthy skin into consideration.
By using lots of makeup, we are contributing to the risk of unpleasant skin problems and diseases. Although it is not advertised or widely spoken of, makeup causes major skin problems. For instance, bacteria can grow in Lip gloss that is left in the car during warm weather.
 Lip Gloss

Other makeup gels produce bacteria as well. After applying makeup that contains bacteria, women can develop serious conditions on or around the mouth and face. Mascara can also cause problems with the eyes. The eyes can turn red in the sclera (the white area of the eye) around the pupils due to irritation from the mascara.

The cosmetics industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Women are under the impression that they need makeup to look attractive. It is a sad reality that the main reason that the cosmetics industry is so profitable is because women do not believe in themselves. Many women do not possess positive attitudes toward their own natural beauty. Far too many women are seeking artificial products to make themselves look attractive.

The truth is that there is no worthy reason to wear makeup. For someone that doesn't act in live theater or a profession that requires makeup, there is no reason to subject yourself to the risk of unpleasant skin conditions. The skin conditions that are triggered by makeup are usually hideous in sight.

 Skin Care

Surely, there is not one woman on this planet who would want to cause herself to have an unsightly appearance.
One of the main reasons why women use makeup is to enhance their look. By becoming a breeding ground for bacteria, makeup can due more bad than good in these circumstances. Women should think twice before applying makeup.

The fact is that makeup is not a necessity. If it was improper back in the 1800s, it should not be glorified as much as it is today. In the long run, it is a choice of whether someone wants artificial and temporary enhancement or a trip to the doctor due to an awkward skin problem.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Beauty and Style Tips For Applying Makeup

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The first thing to do when applying make up is to start with your foundation. It is very important to find a color that matches you skin tone exactly. You want it to blend in. Start by dotting the foundation on your face evenly. If you blend it in with your fingers it will give it a much more even look than doing it another way. After blending with your fingers, you can always even it off with your make up sponge. It is highly suggested to do this after using your finger to blend the foundation in.

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The second step is your concealer. Your concealer should match your skin tone exactly. Concealers with a brush are very effective because it helps you get under the eye better than using your finger. Highlighting around your nose is a good place to start and any blemishes you may have as well. You can finish this step with a make up sponge as well.

After you have your base, you want to set it with powder. You want to keep it very light. Just do a light dusting on your whole face. After that dusting it is best to start with your eyebrows. Most people use a make up pencil with an eye brow brush afterwards to blend everything in.
Makeup Base

When using eye shadow, it is best to start off with your lightest color. This can also be known as your highlighter color. Use your finger to apply this. You can then take your second color which is a little darker and apply it with a brush. You want to use this to blend into your crease. This can be any color you want but you want it to be darker than your base that you put on originally.

The next step is your eye liner. Most people use black or a very dark color for their eye liners. It is very important that you always blend this in as well. Start on the upper lid and get it really close to your lash line. You do not want any light to show between your lashes and your lid. Take you sponge tip afterwards and smudge it all in.

Mascara is the last thing you want for your face. Wipe off any excess mascara on a tissue when applying. Get it as close to the base of your lashes as you can. If you have any clumps, use an eye lash separator to comb it out.


These simple steps will help you apply make up on your face the easiest and most efficient way. By using these steps effectively, it should not take you more than ten minutes to apply. Not only will you look great, but you will also save a lot of time and mistakes as well. Thanks to Benjamin Sadel for providing these valuable infos.

Beauty and Style Tips For Applying Makeup
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