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Luxury watches, Cyma Watches, Ladies Watch Review and Protection for Your Luxury Watches

Cyma Watches

The history of watches or timekeeping has a long history, dating back to ancient times. From the sun dial to the wrist watches we have come a long way and the designs of watches are evolving with each passing day.
The first watches came into existence as pocket watches manufactured by Patek Phillippe & Co. , later these watches became the wrist watches. In 1800s women wore more wristwatches than men. As gifts watches were more popular and it was used to celeberate the child's entrance inot adulthood and were passed on through generations and preserved as family heirlooms.
It was during the World War 1 that soldiers were first issued wristwatches. These watches were less expensive than pocket watches generally used by men during those days. The important strategy was the soldiers of America used their watches to synchronize the attach and battle times. After the war the soldiers continued wearing the watches and the practice assumed among the common man also.
With the passage of time watches have taken different shapes and sizes. Watches are available in radios, television, computers. But the charm and beauty of the old timepiece remain the same.

Countries manufacturing watches
The first country to start the manufacture of handmade watches was Britian. The industry of handmade watches improved considerably after the French Revolution. Unfortunately the British watch making industry could not sustain due to competition from modern methods used in watch making and this industry severely opposed the inclusion of women operatives in the workforce thereby causing severe decline in the manufacture
Later the French overtook the British in watchmaking. The French are acclaimed to be very good mechanics and even better mechanics. Therefore they excelled in artistic watchmaking. The Industry flourished the art of watch making by making watches in mandolins, jewels and make other works of art.
Then Switzerland became a country of exquisite watchmkaing while the British were making accurate but bulky watches called bulldog and the French were only interested in making elaborate watches the Swiss had learnt the technique of manufacturing exquisite watches which which endeared as objects of art for the wealthy. The cities of Geneva and

Neutachel have their own industries of watchmaking. Each has a different style in the making. The Swiss dominated the world in the manufacture of exquisite watches and they have held that position for long. Even today Swiss watches are adored for their quality and elegance which modern day watches do not possess.

About Cyma
Switzerland is a land of valleys and watches. In a quiet valley in Jura Mountains, Switzerland is situated one of the world's most popular and respected watch factories - CYMA. The industry is situated in Le Locle With unparalleled state-of-the-art technology and impeccable design the artisans have been making watches since 1862.

After manufacture and sale of almost 40 million timepieces, Cyma is continuing to be the watch of choice for the discerning and the stylish. The clientele of Cyma ranges from royalty to rich and famous in Europe, America and Asia. Each timepiece gives scientifically precise time and is more than that a work of art.

Cyma was making watches of intricate repeater movements in 1891, the extra slim movement was introduced in 1903 which won the Chronometer Certificate from the Neuchatel Observatory.

Legendary Quality
The quality of CYMA watches is renowned world over. They are manufactured with great precision using the finiest material to exacting tolerances for reliability and accuracy. All the models are backed by a two year international warranty.

Selective Distribution
The watches are sold in five major continents of the world. United states the watches are sold only by jewelers of repute.

Unparalleled Value
Every Cyma watch is intelligently price which means the watches are the best value for the price. The distribution is very limited thereby selling to a select few customers, the heavy costs of advertising and overhead costs are absorbed due to this strategy.
The American Gem's Society's privileged member, Cyma is recognized throughout the jewellery industry also.
Watches are not only available in Switzerland it is now available even in United States. There are more than 800 jewelers who represent the Cyma line. The watches are a preference of the discriminating American who would prefer not to wear the watch everyone else is wearing.
Europeans on the other hand prefer Cyma for their legendary quality and prestige associated with the timepiece.
European and American customer prefer Cyma watches for their legendary quality and also for the prestige associated with owning this timepiece. The designs are known for their ultra thin quartz, versatility, reliability and comfort. Backed by the two year international warranty offered for the best of any major brand.
The variety of Cyma Watches for men and women from 400 models. The thrill and pleasure of owing a Cyma watch cannot be described in words. So why don't you buy one today.

EG2344-51A Silhouette Citizen Ladies Watch Review
Top-Selling Ladies Watch from the Citizen Eco-Drive Line
Tonya Brisnehan
The EG2344-51A Silhouette Citizen Ladies Watch is not only one of the top five best-selling watches from the Citizen Eco-Drive line for women, but is one of the best-selling watches for women - period.
Before making an investment in a ladies watch however, it's always a good idea to check out the facts. Here is some information on this watch, including reviews, features and retail vs. discount pricing:

Reviews information for the EG2344-51A Silhouette Citizen Ladies Watch: Out of five reviews that I saw for this ladies watch, all of them rated the watch at 5 stars. The highlights of these reviews include:
        The looks - elegant, professional and stylish, and receiving plenty of compliments.
        Ability to go with any type of dress (casual to professional to formal).
        Secure - the clasp keeps the watch in place on the wrist without risk of it falling off and getting lost.
        Reliable - this is a common theme for every review submitted. The watch last and lasts with it's Eco-Drive technology - never needing maintenance.
        Keeps extremely accurate time.

Feature Highlights for the EG2344-51A Silhouette Citizen Ladies Watch:
        Slender (10 millimeter band, case thickness of 7 millimeters)
        Gold and silver two-tone that sets the watch off without subtracting from it's simple and elegant look.
        Stainless steel material
        Rectangular dial with white background
        Water-resistant to rain and splashes
        5 Year Manufacturer's Warrantee
        Citizen Eco-Drive technology - the watch battery is charged by natural or artificial light, never requiring a battery replacement

EG2344-51A Silhouette Citizen Ladies Watch Pricing Information:
Retail cost for the watch is around $215.00 - $230.00, which is what you should expect to pay from a jeweler or dealer. By doing some checking around, I was able to find the EG2344-51A for a discount from some online secure and reputable resources - at this writing it can be purchased for around $80.00 less from (provides free shipping and hassle-free returns) and
Overall Review and Recommendation: For those who are interested in purchasing a "workhorse" watch that is famous for it's lasting power as well as it's elegant looks, the EG2344-51A Silhouette Citizen Ladies Watch is a winner and gets a most definite "thumbs up".

Protection for Your Luxury Watches

If you want to buy luxury watches, or are thinking of buying one, then you need to know that protection of your watch will be vital, and this is more so the case for more expensive watches. These luxury watches, especially when they are made by brands such as Cartier and Gucci are well sought after, and admired by many, so the more protection you have over your watch, the less likely the chances are of you having it stolen.

First of all, many people only choose to wear their luxury watches at special occasions or to work. It is probably not the best idea to wear it if you are just popping out for fast food late at night, unless you want to be mugged for the sake of your watch, so only wear it in places you know you are going to be safe. These luxury watches cost a lot of money, and will be worth a lot of money should they be sold on by thieves.

Secondly, you may want to work out a place to keep your watch, while you are not wearing it. This would apply more to homes in less than desirable areas, and if you have a tendency to be burgled a lot. A safe would be the best option here, depending on your budget, or a locked box where only you have the key. Should you then be burgled, the watch is less likely to go along with your other property.

If you have luxury watches, it is highly advisable that you get insurance on your watches, in the event of someone stealing it from you. There are many specialist insurance companies that will provide this service for you, and at a very reasonable price, and it gives you great peace of mind, should you ever get it stolen or lose it and damage it in anyway.

Things of high value, and especially luxury wacthes such as those made by Rolex or Cartier, should be insured for the right amount, and a specialist company will have a better knowledge on the best way and price to insure your luxury watches.

Last of all, protection of your watch depends on the way that you treat it. If you throw it about and submerge it in water, the chances are, you are going to break it. Take special care over your luxury watches, especially if you have gone to extremes to protect it in other ways. These watches will lose their value should they become damaged in any way, and any breakages or repairs should be made aware to the insurance companies, if you have insurance on them.

Taking care of your luxury watches does not have to be difficult, unless you make it this way. Take the time to care for them and protect them, and you and your luxury watches will have a healthy and long future relationship!

Ideeas from Tonya Brisnehan and Kip Willington. 

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How to Pick the Right Maxi Dress for Your Body Type

The Maxi dress is a leading trend for Spring and Summer 2015 and made its way to New York Fashion Week runways in an array of floral patterns, bold prints, and block-color styles. It's a romantic and very-feminine look that's perfect for the warmer months ahead, and can be paired with espadrilles, wedge sandals, or simple ballet flats. The flowy, tunic cut of the dress is suitable for most women, but knowing which length and waist type to select is the only way to wear this trend with success. If you're anxious to try the Maxi dress this season, here's how to pick the right dress for your body type:

Enjoy the floral prints of the season in a micro print or paisley style to flatter your figure. Big flowers or any type of 'busy print' can work against your small frame, so you need to pick either a solid color or teeny-tiny prints to make this look work for you. Avoid full-length dresses and balance out your figure with a super-short or above-the-knee style. The best cuts for you include a V-neck to draw attention upward and create an elongated torso, halter styles to show off toned and tan shoulders, and dresses with a ruched bustline to flatter your upper body.

Short and curvy women can enjoy the Maxi dress in a knee length style, and pair them with wedge sandals or peep-toe pumps to create length in the legs. Pick solid colors and micro prints for the most flattering look; bright red, pink, and orange are great picks for the season and can work well for you as long as you have the right cut. Avoid skinny straps and any detailing on your dress; bold and solid styles will balance out your look best.

Tall and skinny women need to look for Maxi dresses that are slightly fitted so they don't drown in this frock style. Look for ruched bustlines, halter necklines, and v-necks to draw attention upwards and complement your tall and thin figure. The key to wearing this flowing style gracefully is to wear the right size and accessorize it with only a few key pieces of jewelry or an oversized bag. You can get away with spaghetti straps, a tighter halter-top style, and even a bandeau top with ease.

Since the Maxi dress is made in a looser style and often with extra material, you'll need a cut that's fitted around the bust and accentuates your best features. Choose a halter-style to show off sculpted shoulders and arms so that you draw attention upward. Any fitted fabrics around the chest and upper waist are also great picks for larger sizes since they can create a slight silhouette for a more pulled together look. For length, pick something that you simply feel comfortable in; maxi dresses in knee length or above-the-knee styles are especially flattering for plus sized women; be sure to accessorize with a medium to large-sized tote for the complete ensemble.

Finding the right maxi dress to complement your figure and not hide in it can be challenging. This traditional frock style dress comes in many shapes, sizes, and fabric styles, and if you're of medium height and build, you'll need to search for something that accentuates your best features. If you want to emphasize your legs, go for an above-the-knee style and choose some dressy shoes. If you want to emphasize your bustline or shoulders, you can choose a halter or bandeau top style in a bold color. Since the Maxi dress is not fitted from head to toe, pick a dress that is tighter around your best attributes. 

The Maxi dress is a fresh trend for spring that's here to stay through Fall; it's a look that can be pulled off easily by most body types, but knowing which straps, waistlines, and materials to choose will ensure you pick the most figure-flattering style! Thanks for the ideeas to Sabah Karimi.

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Inexpensive Christmas Party Dresses

It's that time of year again when we all need a pretty dress to wear to a Christmas party or two or three. Personally, I don't like spending a lot on special occasion dresses because once the occasion is over, the dress will hang in my closet for a long time, if not forever, or at least until I donate it to a charitable organization. It took me a while, but I finally figured out that the smartest thing I could do when looking for a Christmas party dress was to spend a very modest amount of money and also to buy something that I might actually wear to another function or occasion. 
Classic dresses are always a safe bet. They can be worn more than once even when you are with the same group of people. You can just jazz the dress up with new jewelry, a belt or a scarf. 
I like shopping on line and in stores. There is definitely more to choose from on line but there is still something to be said for going into a store, trying on a few dresses and looking in the mirror to see if you like the way you look in them. The following are a few of my favorite dresses that I've seen this season. They are all reasonably priced and very stylish. 
The first dress is from I found the dress on their website. You can also get their catalog delivered to you in the mail. The dress is a "One Shoulder Shirred Dress". The dress is off the shoulder on one side and is black. It is form fitting and really accentuates your curves. The fabric is a Rayon/spandex jersey knit so it is soft and comfortable. The dress is machine washable which is definitely a plus. The price of this dress on line is $39.00. 
Another great looking dress is one that I found on line at website. You can find JC Penny's merchandise in their stores as well. This dress is called "Bisou, Bisou". It is an off the shoulder dress on one side and has a sleeve on the other side. The color of the dress is black and the fabric is polyester/spandex. This dress is machine washable and is priced at $49.00. 
Another dress that I love on the website is an "Embellished Jersey Knit dress. This dress has an off the shoulder collar with a scoop neckline and has a dazzling gemstone on the front center part of the collar. The dress accentuates your feminine shape and falls at or a little above the knee depending on how tall you are. The fabric is rayon/spandex. You can get the dress in black or scarlet. The price of this dress is $49. 
I found a really great dress on the www.Victoria' website. It is a "cotton ribbed sleeveless turtleneck sweater dress". This dress if form fitting and very flattering. You could definitely wear this at an afternoon Christmas party or an evening cocktail party. The fabric is imported cotton and nylon. It comes in four colors, heather gray, sangria red, winter white and black. It looks fabulous with a pair of strappy heals. The sale price of this dress is $35.  
The last dress is one that I adore. It's call the "Worthington Short Sleeve two-fer dress' and I found it on the website. The black party dress offers the best of both worlds. The top portion of the dress looks like a white blouse with short capped sleeves and the bottom part looks like a black flared skirt. You could wear it to an afternoon holiday party at the office or just glam it up by adding a beautiful necklace and some dangle earrings. A nice pair of pumps and your set to go. The dress is all one piece and very classic looking. The sale price for this dress if $24.99, also said Cindy E. Thomas.

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Reading Campus Dress Codes - Clues in Clothes

Does a brass bead snuggled in cleavage impact education?

Arguments over campus dress codes heat up when we focus on details. They resolve when we ask a different question: What is the student's major objective?

If a female aims for a position as a Las Vegas showgirl, her placement of bling may impress an agent. If she hopes for a career as a negligee model, the size and shape of her anatomy may also determine the catalogues in which she appears. If she is planning on becoming a celebrity, her body may well showcase her on-screen image.

       If her interest is medicine, however, she must decide whether she wants patients and colleagues staring at her breasts. Does she also want infants and toddlers grabbing for her chest? Does she want to treat men-or wrestle them? If a resume provides an introduction, so do dress codes-the visible signals of our intentions. What we place front and center means: Start Here.

Campus Exterior Schoolyard Ambience
(School Students Outside
Background Ambient Noise Sfx Sound
Effect Bite Clip Fx)

DV Sound Effects
CHOPMALL(TM)Lovely Sexy Tights Stockings Cat Tail Leggings Tattoo Socks Sheer Lady Pantyhose 
       If artists reveal their tattoos, they may be demonstrating a talent for line drawing that will lead to practical employment. Their necks, shoulders, wrists, forearms, calves, and ankles may provide a walking advertisement. Their client list may grow with every glimpse of hearts, unicorns, dragons, bluebirds, flags, eagles, chains and jewelry embroidered in sunburned colors.

But skin is a delicate medium. Show too much, and customers never get past it. Show too little, and supervisors may wonder why individuals cannot leave home without taking their whole wardrobe with them. Costume dressing can provide enormous entertainment. It can also carry this message: Unemployed actor.

Theater is a major all by itself. Enter as a bizarre character, and soon someone may ask for your script and credits. By contrast, the corporate world dictates that its workers reflect a company's values, including dress codes. These often start with the color blue for idealism; they may also emphasize natural and neutral colors to put customers at ease. Tweeds and blazers usually smack of financial success.

Even dress down days in corporate America may beget competition for whose sports togs are classiest. "Dressing down" rarely means baring chests and abdomens-unless an employer franchises fitness centers. Gauge every choice as a match to a poster of you as Employee of the Year. Ten years from now, will you be proud of your advertising?

All these considerations begin in the classroom. Every student talks about a future career. Dedicated instructors know that bare flesh provokes flattery and stares. You will show the seriousness of your intentions by sending the carefully chosen signals of dress codes. You can choose to be an employee or a wannabe. Which will it be? Thank you, Meg Sonata!

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A Perfect Gift For Christmas: Laptop or Tablet, What Should I Get?

Stuck Between Laptop and Tablet? 
The rise of tablet market certainly has put a big question mark on the future of laptops. More and more people across the globe are now looking at the tablet PCs for their mobile computing needs over the laptops. The tablet PCs, or simply the tablets, are a new generation smart computing devices, which stand above the smartphones and below the laptops in functionalities.

Which one should you go for?
The tablet trend is slowly catching up all over the world, which is already at the peak in the western world. The very first thing that confuses a potential buyer is selecting one from the both. With the smartphones, tablets and laptops priced so close to each other, you have to take a wise decision in selecting one of them.
The differences between laptops and tablets
Tablets: Tablets are smaller in size, light weight, compact and very easy to carry. Tablets run on the smartphone operating systems such as Android, BlackBerry, iOS or Windows Mobile. Most of the tablets will not have a physical keyboard. Instead they have a virtual touch screen keyboard. Tablets are nothing but the extended version of smartphones with screen size reaching up to 10 inches.
Laptops: As you all know, the laptops are no less than the regular desktop computers when comes to usage and performance. The laptops can be as powerful as desktops, and lets you do everything you normally do on a desktop.

Identifying your needs and requirements
It's your needs and requirements that matter more than anything else here. What for you are buying a tablet or a laptop? Are you a student looking for a mobile computing device? Are you an employee looking for a convenient mobile device to check mails and browse net?
A laptop is a good choice for someone:
1) who doesn't have a personal computer yet.
2) who is a student and looking for a mobile computing device.
3) who want to run different softwares and applications.
4) who is a business person and needs to manage a huge chunk of files.
5) who want a laptop to look and feel everything like a desktop!
A tablet is a good choice for someone:
1) who is looking for a small light weight computing device.
2) whose main purpose is browsing net and checking mails.
3) who look for a longer battery backup. (compared to laptops)
4) who loves smartphone gaming.
5) who can afford buying a tablet besides a laptop!
Price and range
All over the world, laptops and tablets are available in a similar price range. The price of a good tablet is almost equal to the price of a good laptop. The popular tablet manufacturers are Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, Dell and Acer and the prices starts from about 50$ up to a few hundreds of dollars.
Brands and Models 
After the initial success of Apple iPad, most of the electronic companies developed their own tablet PCs and successfully marketed them. From Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry to Dell, Acer, Asus; almost all top company's tablet models are available to buy.
As a buyer, it's very difficult to choose one from many. However, after considering the features, price and the reviews of the product, you can find the right tablet that fits in your needs well!
For majority people, the tablet can be considered as a luxury item while the laptop is a need. You can choose either of the one depending on your requirements and budget. Ideeas by Shiva Remala.

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Get Your Makeup to Look Smoother

SHANY 2012 Edition All In One Harmony Makeup Kit, 25 Ounce

               Sometimes slapping on makeup seems like more trouble and effort than it is worth. I hear a lot of complaints from women who say that makeup "just doesn't sit right" on their skin or that it feels heavy, or worse, that it looks too obvious that they are wearing it. As the whole point of wearing makeup is to look like you're not wearing any, that is a pretty discouraging statement.

True, getting makeup to look flawless can only be achieved through professional makeovers, heavy airbrushing, and a few photoshop editing sessions. But you can get pretty darn close if you know what you're doing! Here are four steps that anyone can use to get moving the the right direction. Getting your makeup to go on a little smoother isn't just for the pros anymore!
Maybelline New York Dream Smooth Mousse
Foundation, Porcelain Ivory, 0.49 Ounce

Start with a smooth foundation. Now, I'm not talking about the makeup, here! What I'm talking about is your skin. Achieving smooth skin is half the battle of making your makeup look good. Even if it is expertly applied by a seasoned professional, if your skin is rough, flaky or covered in acne, a team of experts couldn't eliminate the bumps. If you suffer from acne, look in to some remedies that will clear up your acne. There are hundreds of acne solutions on the market and you may have to try a few until you find one that works for you, but Pro-Activ is a good place to start!

Exfoliate, wash, moisturize! These are three crucial steps if you plan on wearing makeup on a regular basis. Use an exfoliant on your face up to three times a week to remove dead skin, oil and dirt buildup from your skin (sounds delicious, I know - that's why we get rid of it!). In addition to this, use a cleanser every day to wash your face. But, perhaps the most important step of all is to moisturize! It will help restore the moisture to your face after you wash it, as washing and exfoliating removes your skins natural oils.

Best Foundation and Makeup Face Primer
(Paraben Free)
Primers. If you have ever painted over a wall, you know that before you can paint a surface you have to prime it first! Well, your face may not be a wall, but it is a surface that needs some TLC. If you have never heard of a makeup primer, their purpose is the prep your skin for makeup. What does this mean? It helps the makeup blend into your skin to look more smooth and seamless, and will help prevent it from wearing or rubbing off over the course of the day. Several companies make makeup primers and so there is no shortage of products to choose from! Remember, you do not have to go high-end to get a great quality product - check your local drug store and browse some beauty websites to see which ones are in your price range.

Revlon Colorstay Active Light Makeup with Softflex,
All Skin Types, Natural Beige 220, 1 Oz, 1 Each 
Use the right makeup for your skin type. This may seem like a no-brainer: makeup is makeup, right? Wrong. You may have noticed that a lot of foundations will specify for which skin type the formula works best. Take a look in the mirror and evaluate your skin carefully. Is it oily? Do you often get dry, flaky patches? Or are you somewhere in between? Find the makeup formula for you. If your skin is dry, using powder will only extenuate the dry look. If it's oily, look into some shine-control foundation. For normal-combination skin, try a combination formula. There are all sorts of women out there and when I say that there is a product for everything, I mean it! K. F. Lynn.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

5 Smartphone Apps to Make Living a Sustainable Life Easier

The Coupons App

Are you looking for an easier way to live a more sustainable life? If so, then you might want to consider browsing the wide variety of different sustainable smartphone apps available on the market today. In the meantime, here are 5 of my personal favorites to get you started.

JouleBug is a neat app that is generating quite the buzz with those trying to lead a sustainable lifestyle. This app allows smartphone users to easily make their everyday habits more sustainable at home, work, and even while you're out and about. This newly designed app features lots of great advice for how to use less resources. Similar to Pinterest this app allows you to organize sustainability tips into Pins, that you earn by doing simple, sustainable actions in real-life. JouleBug even features how-to videos, a newsfeed, and impact statistics. If you are looking for a fun way to become more sustainable in your everyday life than JouleBug is a must have!

2.) Ecomall
Ecomall is a nifty app which features a collection of eco-conscious and socially conscious stores from around the world! This ultimate green resource for globally conscious consumers, makes for easy, guilt-free shopping. Now doing your part for the environment has never been easier, with just a click of a button.

3.) GreenSpot 
GreenSpot is an app that truly has it all, when it comes to leading a sustainable life. This app is your daily place for news, views, and podcasts on everything green! With just the click of a button, now smartphone users can use GreenSpot to find articles, tips, advice, news, etc. from the most reliable sources on the web. Another perk to using this app? Its topics and articles are updated several times a day, so you never have to worry about not being up to speed on something.

Whether you are vegan, or just trying harder to live a more sustainable lifestyle, The Palm Oil Shopping Guide app is a great place to start. Now sustainable smartphone users can shop with confidence as they use this app to search for orangutan-friendly choices. This app is by far, the most extensive and popular palm oil shopping guide for mobile phones. Not sure if the product you are about to buy is "orangutan-friendly" and/or R.S.P.O. certified? Never fear, this app features over 5,000 products from hundreds of sustainable manufacturers. The best part? This app is free!

Commute Greener brings fun, quick, and easy ways for sustainable smartphone users to gain money, time, and real life rewards, all while improving health and the environment. Collect zero emission miles on this fun and addictive app, where the more improvements you make with your everyday travels, the more rewards and badges you earn!

Make things more interesting by competing with family and friends. Commute Greener helps smartphone users commute smarter by featuring personalized ride share suggestions, crowd source traffic reporting, traffic information and a time table feed, Rideshare supply and demand matching, map routing, CO2, health and fuel cost visualization, and much more! Free for your iPhone, this smartphone app is definitely worth the download. Ideeas by Kylie M. Williams. These apps can be a nice gift for Black Friday and winter hollidays.
            Check these ideas of apps and cool gadgets too:

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Great Apps for Your Smartphone

It seems like everyone has a smartphone. Thanks to the awesome apps out there, a smartphone is like an extension of self. Apps can do everything from giving you an incentive for exercise to keeping kid art to educating children. Here are a few of the best apps out there for your smartphone.


Productivity means different things to different people. One of the most popular productivity tools for all smartphone platforms is Remember the Milk. The app is free and after a 15 day trial requires a yearly subscription fee. There are many features in this app - reminder settings, task watchers (finished and unfinished), and in-depth sorting.
Dropbox is a well loved cloud service that can now be used for most platforms. The ability to save files of all types and sync them is very useful for people on the go. Not only can users access their files from any device the app is installed on, you can share with other Dropbox users.

Social Networking

Facebook has apps available for all smartphones. Along with the regular Facebook app there are also Messenger and Pages Manager apps. These are useful for those that are using social media for marketing. Twitter has apps for most smartphones as well.
One new and fun social networking app is Bump. This app is free and allows users to bump two phones together to exchange their social networking information.


For book lovers it is a given that eventually e-reader apps would hit phones. The best tailored reading app by far is Amazon's Kindle app. The app syncs across all devices it is installed on and can update each book to the last page read - no matter when and what device was used.
Nook reading apps are also available and are easy to navigate. If listening to books is more your taste, Audible can be installed on smartphones for a handsfree book experience.


Kids love technology. Learning apps are one great way to allow children to use a smartphone to pass time and learn something. One of the best learning apps for small children is Gummies Playground from Squink Games. Available for free on a limited basis, then $1.99 for the full game, children learn colors, matching, spelling, and more.

Umizoomi Match Racer is another popular download for kids. It teaches kids math with a fun twist - kids can turn the phone (or tablet) to steer their racecar. It won't take long for your kids to beg to use your phone for learning time when you install these apps. Ideeas by Tina Samuels.

Monday, November 10, 2014

5 Ways to Dress so You Look Slimmer

The Right Clothes Can Make it Look as If You've Lost Ten Pounds!
We all know that our clothing can dramatically affect our appearance. Just imagine the difference when a woman wears sloppy sweatpants and an oversized tee-shirt compared to when she wears a sleek black dress and high heels.

Long Elegant Sleek Fitted Maxi Gown Plunge Ruched Cocktail Party Dress

But clothing can do more than just change our look or make an impression. It can actually make us appear thinner - or heavier - depending on what we choose to wear. So whether you need to look skinny and sexy for an upcoming event, or you just want to appear slimmer every day, follow these tips so you always look your most slender:

Go monochromatic:

Wearing the same color from head to toe will make your body appear thinner. Black tends to be the most slimming color, but almost any monochromatic look will elongate your body. Add other colors and create interesting visuals with accessories like bracelets or necklaces. Tip: Wear your accessories on the slimmest part of your body - such as your wrist - to draw attention to your best assets.

Pick vertical stripes: 

Vertical stripes - like the kind on pinstripe suits and pants - draw the eye up and down, which creates the illusion of thinness. Your body will appear longer and leaner if you opt for vertical stripes (skinny ones, in general, tend to look best on most people). Avoid horizontal stripes since they only make your body appear wider. Especially avoid horizontal stripes around any part of your body that carries a little extra weight. If you're self-conscious about your stomach, for example, don't wear a horizontal stripe around your midsection.

Choose a darker wash: 

Trying to find a great pair of jeans? A darker wash - such as a deep blue, a gray or a black - will make you appear more slender. Whiskered, bleached or otherwise faded jeans often enhance the parts we wish to disguise. If you're self conscious about your backside, for example, jeans that are faded on the rear will only spotlight that area of your body. Choose a darker wash with very little fading or whiskering for the most flattering look.

Size up your accessories: 

One of the keys to looking skinnier is to size your accessories so they correspond to your body. Petite women, for example, should choose more petite accessories like thin bracelets and slender necklaces. Larger women, on the other hand, should opt for bigger accessories. Good choices include chunky bracelets and a relatively large handbag.

Skim, but don't cling: 

If you feel self conscious about your body, you may try to hide your frame beneath oversized shirts and dresses. But in reality, baggy clothing only makes you look larger! Choose clothing that gently skims your body so your figure is clearly defined. However, avoid anything that clings too tightly, as it will only accentuate the parts you're trying to camouflage.
Anyone - no matter what their size - can change the look of their body by choosing appropriate clothing. Simply opting for the right clothes can make it look as if you've just dropped ten pounds! Morgan Vermeil.